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Paulo Coelho wrote so beautifully in The Alchemist “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Some might hear these words and find them to be sweet nothings, pretty words of encouragement to put on a wall or to write

The United States is a complicated country. The American electorate elected a president who promised to “Make America Great Again” by putting American priorities and American industry first. But the reality is, American consumer spending habits are not aligned with what they say they care

Jacqueline City Apparel is the brainchild of actress, model, and 25-year-old artist, Jacqueline City. Her inclusive fashion brand provides a fresh take on urban apparel geared towards all genders, with plus size options available. Rooted in Philadelphia, Jacqueline provides a young artistic originality that’s often

If you could tap a button and cool the planet, would you?  You now have your chance to clear the air, so to speak.  Cool Effect, a digital (online and mobile) platform founded by Dee and Richard Lawrence, supports technologies that reduce CO2 to help

With 52% of singles feeling that they are too busy to meet other singles and more than half of Americans feeling overworked, getting on trend for cuffing season and surviving the holidays can require careful navigation.  The pressure alone of meeting new people and deciding

Being in the heart of New York City, a mecca of storefronts, niche businesses, and emerging brands has its benefits for Maria Bonita Salon & Spa owner, Fernanda Lacerda.  It’s not just the love of an 83.1 billion dollar industry that motivates the Brazilian native

Lisa Migliorini is a 28 year-old runner from Italy (close to Milan). Running and being fashionable is her passion. Her daily routine consist of running, running and more running. It all started as a childhood hobby where she would often run. It soon became a

Desisano is a combination of “Design” and the Spanish word for artisan, “Artesano.” The name signifies the importance of the brand’s Colombian inspiration, attention to details, and hand-crafted artistry. In fact, Desisano’s founder, Mauricio Orozco, is from Colombia. He was inspired to start the brand