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“Live for today, learn from yesterday and plan for tomorrow.”  “When asked how I am I always say

Taheed Watson is one of the newest brightest minds in the fashion industry. His vision of style and flair can be seen through his brand, Heed NYC. The company was conceived in 2017 and officially launched in 2020. From its inception, Heed NYC has been

AF: What was the thought process in making your sophomore album, Multiple Personality Volume 2? RV: When I hear a beat, different lyrics pop up in my head with different voices. I can literally write three different songs with the same beat as inspiration. Multiple Personality

AF: How did you get started in the music industry? AA: I’ve been surrounded by music since I was young. I always danced and sang around the house to hone my skills. When I was 14 years old, I was the winner of X Factor Albania

The latest contender in the travel industry has arrived – HotelTonight. Innovative in its approach, HotelTonight is the easiest way to book a hotel on the go. It’s an app that allows users to reserve last-minute hotel rooms at discounted prices all over the world. HotelTonight’s

Time is such a demanding lover. She waits for no man or woman and does not have any sympathy for cowards. She’s precious, she knows it and she’ll remind you of this any chance she gets. Dan Neiderer and Arnaud Duval, founders of SEVENFRIDAY, charmed

Larrissa is beautiful model from Saxony, Germany. The distinguished redhead and social media influencer has been an industry buzz since she started posted breathtaking images on Instagram in 2018. The alluring twenty year-old spoke to Industry Rules about her passion for art and her career:  AF: How

Even though the economy has placed a dent in people's budgets they manage to getaway somehow. Whether it be a cruise or cross country trip nothing will keep us locked in for long. Now with the summer upon us the public is yearning for a