The United States is a complicated country. The American electorate elected a president who promised to “Make America Great Again” by putting American priorities and American industry first. But the reality is, American consumer spending habits are not aligned with what they say they care

April is a time of year where spring takes into full affect. With one-quarter of the year passed, we can take a quick snap shot to see if we’re on par with reaching our fitness goals. By doing a state-of-the-moment assessment, you can determine the

The fitness gymnasium is the epic center and corridor to fitness. It’s more than a facility or building, it’s the gateway to not only achieving your fitness goals, it’s also a haven of unlimited possibilities. It is your fitness playground.  For this issue, I list my

Being in the heart of New York City, a mecca of storefronts, niche businesses, and emerging brands has its benefits for Maria Bonita Salon & Spa owner, Fernanda Lacerda.  It’s not just the love of an 83.1 billion dollar industry that motivates the Brazilian native

The National Urban League (NUL) is a New York City-based historic civil rights organization. It promotes economic empowerment and socioeconomic mobility to increase the standard of living among African-American and other historically underserved urban communities. Since 1910, the NUL has a distinctive track record of making

The Caribbean American Society of New York (CASONY) is a non-profit membership organization that focuses on culture, connectivity, and community among Caribbean Americans. One of the underlying and fundamental tenets of CASONY is to promote unity among Americans with Caribbean heritage. By uniting Caribbean Americans,

Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution is a film and television sales company that specializes in the financing, production, anddistribution of commercial feature films. Though based in Beverly Hills, California, it has extensive and deep industry connections in Washington, DC, New York, and Atlanta. The company operates and represents worldwide sales for its own and third-party films with an annual slate of 50

One thing everyone knows about Texans is that they are a proud bunch. They are proud of almost everything about their state, from the size of it, to the football teams, to the mindset of its inhabitants. Texans also take great pride in their barbecue