Marc Nolan is the epitome of stylish and classy shoes. The Chicago-based brand sets the tone and leads the pack in men’s loafers, sneakers, and boots. From professional meetings to outings with family and friends, Marc Nolan shoes provide a modern take on classic styles

It’s always important to look and feel your best, but since summer is here, it’s more important than ever with many ditching their masks, unveiling their faces again, and being out and about in general. Considering that the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s

Your skin is meant to be adored, caressed, worshipped even! If we’re being honest she probably deserves a lot more than what you’ve been giving her. She is, after all, one of your hardest working organs, but I promise you she doesn’t have to

Musa Pain Gold Reliever is an African-American and woman-owned business for all-natural and therapeutic products that are great for active people who need to recover well from sports injuries. It’s a plant-based company with a large catalog of health and beauty products that is not

Jacqueline City Apparel is the brainchild of actress, model, and 25-year-old artist, Jacqueline City. Her inclusive fashion brand provides a fresh take on urban apparel geared towards all genders, with plus size options available. Rooted in Philadelphia, Jacqueline provides a young artistic originality that’s often

Desisano is a combination of “Design” and the Spanish word for artisan, “Artesano.” The name signifies the importance of the brand’s Colombian inspiration, attention to details, and hand-crafted artistry. In fact, Desisano’s founder, Mauricio Orozco, is from Colombia. He was inspired to start the brand

Born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, Tifany has always had a unique and dynamic background. Known for her exotic looks and fit figure, there’s more than what meets the eye for this San Francisco Bay Area native. Now residing in Southern California and Miami,

Brandon Murphy has always dreamed and inspired to become a fashion designer. He now is living his dreams and making his fashion creativity a reality. I was able to know more about this stylish designer who is making an impact in the fashion world.  EB: How have