AeroPress is the coffee press that’s delicious, fast and convenient to make and clean, as well as safe for your body without the harmful chemicals, Phthalate and BPA. The taste is smooth and rich without the acidic, bitter undertone that is common in many coffee

Summer Energy Academy (SEA) is a New York City-based STEM program that introduces young people to career possibilities in the science, technology, and engineering fields through academic and hands-on learning and problem-solving. With an in-depth curriculum ranging from field trips to a research project to

It’s important to have several apps on your phone. With the App Store housing thousands of apps in various categories, you literally have everything you need in the palm of your hands. There’s an app for every industry (i.e. finance, culinary, sports etc.). For this

Ok, this is one of those times where an idea is so cool and at the same time so obvious, that you want to kick yourself for not thinking of it first. Because our sight is so important to us, the world has long come

Meet the app that’s bringing your photos to life, literally. Hello Flixel! Flixel is a “new type of hybrid photography that combines a still photo with video”.  Established in 2011, but launched in 2012, in a couple of quick swipes, Flixel turns normal, every-day pictures

If you could tap a button and cool the planet, would you?  You now have your chance to clear the air, so to speak.  Cool Effect, a digital (online and mobile) platform founded by Dee and Richard Lawrence, supports technologies that reduce CO2 to help

The latest contender in the travel industry has arrived – HotelTonight. Innovative in its approach, HotelTonight is the easiest way to book a hotel on the go. It’s an app that allows users to reserve last-minute hotel rooms at discounted prices all over the world. HotelTonight’s

The SP-1200 is not a household name if you’re not a music head, but the Rossum SP-1200 is the sampling percussion system that created millionaires. You might be asking what exactly a sampling percussion system is; to put it simply, it’s a 12-bit drum machine and sampler that formed