To this day one of the greatest examples of what black people can accomplish when they support each other economically and as a community is the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. While Tulsa, Oklahoma doesn’t seem like a likely place for black

CellDration Water is the refreshing water you never knew you needed. Formulated at the optimum level with pH balanced, purified, and mineralized water, CellDration ensures you are hydrated and feel your best. While sometimes overlooked, being hydrated is an integral aspect of being healthy given

The year 2023 is here. The new year comes with its own set of challenges, obstacles and goals to accomplish. Most people set lofty goals and high barometers that will never meet. In fact, those same persons tend to either give up or stop executing

Forrest Gump once sat on a bench and lovingly recalled his mama’s wise words: “Life is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’re going to get.” You truly never know what kind of adventure awaits once you open yourself up to all

November is synonymous with Movember. The month is dedicated to bringing more awareness to men’s health. It’s symbolized by the display of one’s mustache. Whether you have a regular trim mustache or something similar to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, the concentrated theme is to

Going to the gym for a workout?  Or, are you heading to the court (basketball, tennis etc.) to work on your game? That’s great! We pose a question. How are you packing and traveling with your gear? Before you answer those questions, we would like

Gina Scrocca is a beauty from the outskirts of Philadelphia. The petite 26 year-old model and social media influencer has been able to amass a 10 year career. She has been credited to more than 300 photoshoots. While her model career continues to blossoms, Gina’s

Montecci Bikes is a hiqh-quality and efficiently designed bicycle that’s also stylish. The company, based in New York, was started in 2009. Gustavo Henry Francisco, the founder and CEO, is an avid cyclist who founded the company as “Montecci Folding Bicycle” when he first started