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Teriyaki salmon is one of the most popular Japanese cuisine. Its rich Teriyaki sauce combine with a salmon does wonders for your taste buds. Teriyaki salmon is a quick savory and easy recipe to make for all occasions. Ingredients  2 TBSP oil2-3 Salmon filletS4 tsp Soy sauce 3

The Goodtime Hotel is exactly what it sounds like - a good time, in fact the best time, where fun meets hospitality and hipster design. It’s the first lifestyle collaboration hotel brand between Pharrell Williams and David Grutman of Groot Hospitality. With 266 rooms and

Not another new year, new you fitness article. Rather, this is a proactive approach to your fitness goals that will eventually be part of your lifestyle. When asked to write this article I immediately knew what I needed to write; not because I live by

Just a few short decades ago, all-electric cars were practically a sci-fi concept our society was flirting with. You might see one on The Jetsons, but on the way to the grocery store? Not a chance! Fast forward to today, and one might be forgiven for

Maria Grey is a beautiful model from Toronto, Ontario. She’s also a top social media influencer for over three years. Her beauty and passion comes out with every breathtaking photo she takes.  With over 400,000 followers and counting, the lovely Canadian sat down with Industry

Finally … a Distillery for the Skeptics Grains. Fermentation. Distillation. Flavor. Fresh. It’s part creativity, taste, and chemistry mixed with a dash of mad scientist. It’s how Skeptic Distillery has proven themselves to not just the skeptics, but to the USA Spirits Competition where they took

Before you buy your next watch, don’t go the predictable route with a Movado, Omega or even a Rolex. Rather, step outside the box and take a long hard look a LM1 Silberstein. The story behind these beautiful pieces of art is a rather short

Bicycling is a special kind of adventure! An adventure that asks you to exert just a little bit of energy in exchange for a way to explore the world at your own pace. You can literally go at your own speed and soak in every