Caye Cochrane

I am Caye Cochrane, an immigrant from Philippines living in beautiful city of San Francisco, California, I’ve been modeling since I was a teenager and I’m looking to expand my career while I’m here in the United States.

I am currently working as health care worker here in San Francisco working in Chiropractic private practice. Aside working as healthcare worker, I am also doing modeling on the side. It is fun being in front of camera. I think it is my nature to pose and being captured, but I believe the real beauty of a person is the inner soul. Working here in United States as an immigrant is not that easy, but pursuing your goals and dreams in life makes you a stronger person. I love traveling, that’s my hobby. I’ve been to different places in Asia like Hong Kong and China. It was a great experience.

As a Filipino, I want to be an inspiration to Filipinos around the world. I want to be beacon of hope, that you can be successful in your own career. Success should be motivational drive as a person. Also, I want to teach the values of hardworking. As a healthcare worker, my passion is helping patients. Listening to their needs and assisting them is something I love to do.

I can’t wait what future holds for me here in UNITED STATES. Please continue to follow my story via Instagram.

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