Chloé Morgan born in London, England, is an entertainer to the core; singing, acting, dancing and playing musical instruments (Piano and violin) from 5 years of age. Music and entertainment has always been her passion.

As a youth, Chloé was awarded a scholarship to acclaimed “London Studios Centre” performing arts school, which cultivated and sculpted her passion giving her talent a strong foundation. Through her ambition and drive and insatiable desire to share her gift with the world came many opportunities. One of which was the hit British reality show, Popstars: The Rivals. From her experience and exposure on the show, the contacts she made led to her signing a major record deal as part of girl group “Clea” with industry powerhouse Warner Brothers Records. The group toured the UK as supporting act to “Daniel Beddingfield” and boy band “Blue” and performed on many radio and television programs.

Chloé acquired the skills she needed to take her to the next level, and decided to pursue a solo career. Travelling internationally, performing, recording and songwriting in the studio, Chloé has a musical backbone that has been recognized with some of the most renowned names in the industry such as the family of Chaka Khan and old Motown pros, who she had the opportunity to work with in the studio as a singer/songwriter.

Chloé expanded her skills, where she trained in the UK as a DJ, working the club circuits in Essex and in London was part of DJ team’s world famous “Hillsong London”.

Chloé moved to Vancouver, Canada where her career took off as a high profile DJ and singer in the city. Currently working on her own original music the studio writing, recording and producing and travelling between Canada, the United States, Europe and the UK.

Chloé has introduced and branded a new unique style as a DJ into the industry, merging her live vocals & instrumentation into her DJ sets with genres from Dance, House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and her own original music. Creating something truly extraordinary and original, giving her audience an unparalleled music experience. Chloé won a Golden Owl award for “Breakout DJ of The Year” 2017

Recently Chloé has been back writing in the studio, recording and producing her own new music. She is about to release her first single “The Other Side” summer 2018.


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