Chris Yangello And His Journey in The Field Of Music Festivals
Here’s an interesting question. How many people you know can say their current job is the job they have always dreamt about? Well, we are pretty sure that only a few of us would fit into that particular space. The struggle and fight of everyday life get to the most of us which include sacrifices and compromises. Yes it’s true, lucky are the ones who get a chance to pursue what they love, but truly blessed are the ones who strive and excel at it. In this day and age of digital mania, technology has given creative people the freedom to create and distribute. Providing any kind of service or entertainment to the digital audience has become easier and more attractive. When it comes to music, today we see a lot more people producing it compared to a mere decade ago. With the help of the internet, it lets you reach out your music to the far corners of the world.  A young man by the name of Chris Yangello is an up and coming social media influencer who is taking music, video and photography to the next level.
Chris is the young blood at Sony Music Entertainment’s RED Music label. In case you don’t know, he is currently one of the best experts for creating audio-video content for the signed artists. The roster includes some of the biggest names in music such as Jewel, Shaggy, Keith Sweat and Lil Skies, 6lack, and Lovely the Band among the freshest. Since Yangello has to be on the road most of the days of the year, it enables him to attend numerous music festivals in and around the country such as Coachella, Firefly and many more. Chris’ everyday exciting life is well documented on his social media accounts. At just 16 years old, Chris has made quite a name for himself in the scene. With just about 100 posts, his follower count on Instagram has already crossed 150k! Isn’t that quite an achievement? Yes, that is pretty impressive! One of the other reasons behind Chris’ popularity is also related to his photography skills. Whenever Chris gets a chance, he does not shy away from sharing some of his finest moments, particularly while traveling, working or taking a break. Every picture he shares tells a different story and shows a different environment. It is only a matter of time when Chris will be approached by various brands to collaborate.
As time goes by, Chris’ popularity and creativity will only rise if he continues doing what he does best. We wish him all the very best for all his future projects and endeavors.
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