Learning the Art of Film Producing from Chris Young

Films and television programs, as we see, have more than meets the eye. It is a magnanimous web of processes, techniques, creativity, and leadership. As entertaining and promising as the business of production looks, it is equally a difficult road to travel on. For those who aspire to become a film producer, they have to go through a rigorous journey of learning and unlearning, discovering and delivering to demand the attention of millions of users. The role of a producer is an all-encompassing one. Typically it involves overseeing the entire production process, supervising the showrunners and helping them handle every process from beginning to end. For those who are unaware, producers are heavily engaged in hiring the director, talent, cast and crew, writers and assistant producers.

Seeking inspiration from leading producers, one can learn the art, science, and business of production. Take Chris Young, for example. This young and dynamic producer, director, writer and above all an entrepreneur, has had quite an intriguing story in the world of film and TV production. He started as an investor in multiple business projects, then Chris ventured into the industry as a consulting producer for the feature “Devil’s Double”. A Belgian-Dutch production, this powerful and controversial film earned him quite an accolade. Thereafter, he moved into directing and producing short films, reviewed programs, documentaries, and interviews on television. After seven years and 12 projects later, Chris is now producing and directing his own show featuring himself.

Exciting yet challenging, his life as a producer has been a great learning curve for this 30 something entrepreneur. He strongly believes that, “Production, television or otherwise, is an art one needs to learn and hone over the course of a producer’s career. Starting, launching, and having a vision for where you want to end up is easy. The challenge is how you are going to get there and what will motivate you to keep going.”

Over the years as an executive producer, Chris has learned to follow few golden rules; something he recommends for all first-timers. “Be creative and have a sharp vision of where exactly you see yourself. Have out-of-the-box presentation ideas and communication skills. Learn to negotiate but be smart, not rigid. Adopt leadership abilities and drive your team. Always plan, plan and plan. Be organized and value time. And lastly, learn to work on a budget and acquire financial skills.”

With years of trial and errors, achievements and fallouts, Chris Young has learned the art of producing. But he took home a simple understanding of what works in this business, “Production business is anything but a comfortable one. There are deadlines, stress, and challenges at every turn. You cannot lose your patience, or you lose your work. But if you get it right, the entertainment business can make you taste paradise!”