The Classic Harbor Line offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience to sail the majestic and serene waters of world class cities in sophisticated style and comfort. The Classic Harbor Line vessels of beauty and style were built by the Scarano Boat Building Company in Albany, New York. The design of the boats is meant to resemble the old sailing fleets of years past combined with the modern technology of the sophisticated cruisers of today. 

The Classic Harbor Line fleet of yachts and boats include the Adirondack I, Adirondack II, the Adirondack III, America 2.0, the Manhattan, Beacon, and Kingston. They offer four different ports in New York City, Newport, CT, Rhode Island, Boston, MA, and Key West, FL. The Classic Harbor Line focus mainly on private and ticketed events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, wine tastings, and many other intimate events that require the most breathtaking of settings.

These yachts consistently deliver journeys that are enjoyable, comfortable, exciting, and an memorable experience. The Scarano Boat Building Company busily worked on the newest addition to the fleet family, the Kingston yacht, which recently started sailing out of New York City. With its impressive fifty four feet of power and towering presence, the Kingston dazzles its guests with its impressive amenities and service. In addition, the Schooner Adirondack III, recently began sailing out of Rowe’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. It will sail through the October season. 

The most notable feature of the yachts is that all the staff and crew go above and beyond to make sure the passengers have a once in a lifetime experience. The majestic cruise liners are built with top of line materials and feature teak decks, gorgeous mahogany trim, and carbon filters. Guests often feel that they are being whisked away on a magical and luxurious journey. These experiences will most surely remain permanently etched in the memory of all of the guests for many years to come. 

Classic Harbor Line offers many different sailing experiences in all of its host cities. For the style and luxury set, they offer a yacht sailing trip that is sure to astound guests with its upscale sailing vessel and first class service. For those with a thirst for adventure, the Classic Harbor Line also feature a cruise on a double masted sailing boat that offers speed doused with a heaping dose of adventure that set sail three to four times a day. The sheer number of excursions that are offered ensures that there is a cruise for any type of event. 

The Classic Harbor Lines offer style, luxury, and comfort aboard each of its seven liners set against a jaw dropping ocean backdrop. It is sure to set their guests heart and mind ablaze after an iconic sail on one of its impressive liners.

There is no better way to see New York City this summer, than cruising on the water with Classic Harbor Line. This unique experience makes the perfect gift for your loved one. You can purchase tickets via phone at (212) 627-1825. Tickets are also offered through where guests can post reviews. In addition, more information about Classic Harbor Line may be found at Happy sailing!