Code41 announced the continuation of its X41 project with the launch of its new AeroCarbon X41 edition 4 model. The project has garnered over 4,000 new registrations for its next edition following the closing of its 3rd edition pre-ordering in November 2019. 

The piece’s tech-friendly carbon fiber material, used by experts in the aeronautics and aerospace industry, highlights it from the peers who share its edition. More than 1,150 orders were placed for the 4th edition for 5,447,531 CHF. Pre-orders were taken for two weeks 15th July of this year at 3 PM CET. As of now, they are now closed. 

The design was crafted on demand in France. With its blocks of fiber consisting of over 300 layers, each is positioned at 90° from the previous one, compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven, making it more than two times more resistant to bending than steel. Lacking a dial, the time on the watch is displayed on its area of movement. 

CODE41 was launched in 2016 by Claudio D’Amore. The watch designer contributed to collections belonging to numerous well-known brands, including Tag Heuer and Montblanc. The company refers to itself as a community watchmaking project aiming to unite enthusiasts who are interesting in becoming creators for the watchmaking industry. 

D’Amore established his watch-making business, based in the center of the Swiss watch industry, alongside the enthusiasts, who played a highly significant role in the design process. The values surrounding the project are its origin, cost-effective price, and evolution. 

The process was assembled by 400,000 members, all of whom believe in CODE41’s value. 

Over 1,500 X41 sales have been made, equating to revenue of $8 million. The final presales took place in July, during which 500 additional pieces were sold for more than $3 million. The project for X41 began to take form in 2018, leading up to its first pre-order launch in March 2019, during which a record-breaking €2,000,000 was raised in less than 72 hours. 

The design is a limited edition was made by hand in Switzerland as exclusive architecture with its oscillating weight situated on its outer edges. The timepiece retails at less than 5,500€, a low cost compared to similar pieces retailing at over 20,000€. The X41 project has exceeded the 60% Swiss-made requirement, amounting to a rare 90%. Despite the originality, the brand has chosen to exude total transparency rather than a label that can potentially lead to confusion. The production costs and origin of the watch’s components have also heavily influenced the X41 Titanium. 

All-in-all, the project has amassed over 57,000 members. The first phase began on 22nd December 22, 2016. The campaign raised 543,150 CHF. 297 components are in the works on behalf of the contributors, while the 700 pieces derived from previous editions continue to be distributed worldwide.

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