The affects of the Coronavirus are unimaginable   . With over one million people being testing positive and thousands of deaths, the entire world is under a pandemic. With its origin looks to be from China, this virus has spread throughout the world in rapid fashion. For this issue we take a broader look at the long lasting affects this virus will have on the world going forward. 

Cases & Deaths. According to, there are 3,558,853 Coronavirus cases worldwide. The virus has spread to over counties including United States, China, Spain, Israel, Italy and United Kingdom. The U.S. has the most cases with 1,184,711. Saint Pierre Miquelon has the least with one case. Subsequently, the United States has the most deaths with 247,970. That’s near a quarter of a million people. The death toll continues to rise daily.

No one is immune as the virus has struck the world most notable celebrity in Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, NFL’s Von Miller and Tony Boselli. It has claim the lives Fred the godson as well as Industry Rules’ executive Damon Saulters. 

Economics. All the world’s economy has been affected. The United States has been hit the hardest. With all non-essential business being temporarily shutdown until the Coronavirus goes into remission, the country’s economy has taken a huge hit. According to the Washington Post, there are over 22 million people in the United States who are unemployed due to Coronavirus. Industries such as sports, travel, technology and transportation have all been affected. As people continue to be quarantined worldwide, bars and places of social gatherings continues collapsed. 

Although vaccination are being created as well as other preventable measures are on the table for installation, practicing social distancing is moniker that the government is pushing. Wearing a protective mask as well as constant washing your hands has proved to be essential. 

While viruses typically die out in hot weather, everyone is hoping that the summer of 2020 be the death of Coronavirus and global spark to a vast recover from this diabolical pandemic. Please be safe. 

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