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Top 10 Cycling Tour Locations

Bicycling is a special kind of adventure! An adventure that asks you to exert just a little bit of energy in exchange for a way to explore the world at your own pace. You can literally go at your own speed and soak in every experience for as long as you want. It’s a very personal way to travel and each course offers its own unique landmarks for cyclists to see for themselves.

#10. Denver Colorado Mile High Tour

A nine-mile trail might not seem worthy enough to be on this list, especially with some bikers wanting more of a challenge distance-wise, it makes up for it by being a tour of the mile-high city. You’ll pass Mile high stadium, the Pepsi Center, Coors Field, and a beautiful view of downtown Denver Colorado. This is the perfect way to tour the city and see some cool sports landmarks along the way.

#9 Shark Valley Loop Everglades Florida

Want to get acquitted with the Everglades while having a bike trail relatively to yourself? How about some of the best scenery Florida has to offer as you pedal a 15-mile trail that is ideal for families? You get both and all before entering the beauty that is Everglades National Park. It is worth checking out at least once and will give you a view of Florida that you can go on at your own pace. That’s what’s important right? Advice. They don’t call the sunshine state for nothing. Make sure you head out early in the morning around sunrise or during sunset to get the best views the state has to offer.

#8 Cultural trail Midtown in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis Indiana might not sound like the perfect place for a bike tour, but their eight-mile cultural trail is an interesting treat for those looking for some light riding. The tour also includes a stop at one of two restaurants along the way and even allows riders to explore the eight different districts of downtown Indianapolis.

This 20-mile biking tour takes riders to various historical locations, like MLK Memorial Park, and the Landmark Peace memorial. The fun continues as you bike along with the campus of Butler University and even stop by the Indianapolis Museum of art. Again, it might not sound like the perfect sightseeing show for everyone, but those that want to go on a slower pace will enjoy it.

#7 Valmont Bike Park

Want a choose your own adventure kind of bike trail? While that might sound like gamer talk, it is also a very interesting way to describe Valmont Park. In fact with several different bike trails, dirt hills and technical trails, it’s pretty safe to say that this park has something for everyone! Ever wonder it what it was like to jump one of those hills? Go find out for yourself. Want to challenge your technical skills, go through a few that will put you through the ringer. The possibilities are endless and that’s the point.

#6 Pedal the Coast Tour

There’s something about cycling across the coast of Maine and seeing the beautiful sights the state has to offer. That’s why a tour exploring several famous seafronts and a National Park is a great way to spend your time. The tour also offers a pretty good stretch of little hotels to stay in as you navigate your way from Boothbay to Acadia National Park. Along the way, you’ll get to explore several seafront towns, including, Port Clyde, Castine, and the world-famous town of Camden. Try the lobster. It’s what the state is known for!

#5 Galway in Ireland

Want something less tourist trappy? Why not take on the Galway of Ireland in a tour that promises to take you away from the main tourist spot and focus more on the backroads with beautiful scenery around the way. Go at your own pace and take in the awe-inspiring landscape around you. This would probably be the perfect tour for someone worried about the ongoing pandemic and wanting something slower paced. There’s also a ferry ride to the Aran Islands, for those that are interested in that.

#4 Kasbah in Morocco

Imagine escaping the brittle chill of winter weather while pedaling your way through Morocco! This trail invites you to travel from the snow-covered Atlas to the desert of the Sahara in what must feel like a total 180 in climate. Furthermore, the trail offers some neat landmarks along the way, including a spectacular view of Atlas’s peak, cross travel the winding roads of the beautiful Dade’s Valley. The trail culminates in the town of Zangora, which is a pretty unique place to explore for anyone that feels so inclined.

#3 Glacier National Park Montana

This tour is a 163-mile adventure inside Glacier National Park, which includes snowy lakes, beautiful glaciers and other out-of-this-world sights for bikers to enjoy. This is for bikers that are tired of the heat and want some cooler winds against their faces. You will also get a chance to trek down the famous going to the sun road in this six-day trek, making the trip more attractive.

What really sets this tour apart though is their Rafting tour in the flathead river, allowing you to take in all kinds of wildlife along the way. Finally, you get to visit the farmers market in the resort town of Whitefish, where you can buy and sell goods. All and all, it’s something different and a great place for holiday travel.

#2 Pacific Coast Highway Tour

You can’t go wrong with traveling the Pacific coast highway and visiting California, which is why this bicycle tour is equal parts pleasure and workout. You will see beautiful beaches for miles on end, magnificent sunsets or sunrises if you wake up early enough and some of the most beautiful forestry in the nation. This is for anyone that wants to see the Pacific coast in all its glory. You also get to ride through Washington and Oregon for a little added scenery.

#1 Tasmania Australia

Come to the world down under and soak in beautiful coastlines and stunning sunsets as you make your way from St. Helens to Bichero. This tour offers a wide variety of activities including, wineries, coastal cities to explore, and even breathtaking white sandy beaches. You’ll also get a chance to explore Freycinet National Park for some added fun. For those unsure about whether they can handle the terrain, there is a mini support bus to help riders and six-day period to travel.

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