Tired of One Night Stands with Success: I want a fully committed Relationship is a new book by Entrepreneur, Mentor and Educator Darcel Laurie designed to inspire readers to get serious about their ideas and commit to finding success in 2018.

Laurie makes the case in her short, 84 page book that success is a commitment of a lifetime, and that too many people daydream about success and pursuing their dreams rather than putting in the effort and work it takes to make success a reality.  Using chapter titles like “First Date”, “Going Steady”, “Keep it Spicy!” and “Til Death Do Us Part”, Laurie outlines one path to success that includes steps to finding and achieving a committed long lasting relationship.  Each chapter ends with a recap and provides tips for the reader to follow. In the chapter called “One Night Stand”, Laurie explains how to put yourself in a position to have more encounters with people that can help with your dreams of success.  “It’s not just one night stands that change our lives, but many can get you to a point where you can start to see a shift in your life.  That’s actually a sign that you are on the right track,” says Laurie.

According to Laurie, the best way to get started on your relationship with success is to evaluate yourself as the first step in your journey.  Laurie provides a self-assessment tool to help the reader do some self-reflection on what their criteria are in order to find a marriage to the success of their dreams.  Pre-orders of Tired of One Night Stands with Success will be available soon on Amazon.  The book officially releases in March 2018, so mark your calendar so you don’t forget to get your copy, and see if by the end of the year you’re goin’ steady with success.  You can follow for updates on Facebook and Instagram @onenightstandswithsuccess.

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