As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to your soul. So why not dress them up a little, right? Adding some luxurious lashes that compliment your look will instantly enhance your look. Now I know what most of you are saying, I can barely put my contacts on in the morning, I don’t think I would know how to put on lashes too. No need to fear, The Dazzling Lash Bar is here! Industry Rules Magazine had the opportunity to find out all of the dazzling beauty scoop for you. Here is what Helen Yu, the owner of Dazzling Lash Bar, had to say:

DL: What sets Dazzling Lash Bar a part from anything of its kind?

“The answer is threefold.

HY: First, each of our clients will tell you how meticulous our application techniques are. With sessions lasting longer than an hour, each lash is applied to the natural lash line with customized lengths and curl types, with the highest grade medical glue on the market. After the application, each client receives a tutorial on lash care to ensure that their sets last!

Second, we are self-proclaimed germaphobes. Each client is treated to plush yet disposable fabric bed sheets for comfort AND cleanliness. Following every single appointment (NO EXCEPTIONS), instruments are sanitized to avoid any cross-contamination. Our clients leave feeling refreshed, happy AND healthy.

Third – and most importantly – our passion; we love what we do.  That obsession mixed with my team’s mastery creates an amazing lash result, tailored to each client’s eye shape, personality and facial features, every single time! We are dedicated to making every woman walking out our door feeling more confident and more beautiful than they ever have. “

DL: Why do you think lashes are essential to completing a glam look? 

HY: “The first feature people notice are eyes. At Dazzling Lash Bar, we create mesmerizing eyes which can finish any look – with OR without makeup. Great lashes are the finishing touch for any look; they open your eyes, make them bigger and brighter to create a more youthful and rested look.  Who doesn’t want an instant face lift?  If people are going to stare, we’ll make it worth their while.”

Dazzling Lash Bar

DL: What are some tips you would give to those who want to start experimenting with lashes but don’t know where to start? 

HY: “Every new client receives a complimentary consultation. For lash virgins, we recommend starting with our natural set.  We’ll start them with a J curl, a more natural appearance versus our C curl, with a thickness of .15mm versus .20mm.  After a session or two, clients have usually developed an obsession and want to explore a more dramatic curl with chats about thickness, length and volume.”

DL: After leaving the Dazzling Lash Bar all glammed up, what are some tips on how to care for your lashes and to make the look last? 

HY: “Each client receives a care kit which includes a lash wand to brush lashes back into their regular pattern, a pamphlet on lash etiquette, and our beloved 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask.

While we do lose 2-5 natural lashes every day, and extensions fall off along with them, there are several treatment tips we share to make lashes last.

The two most important tips in the lash world cannot be stressed enough:

1.    Keep those lashes dry and clean! Carefully wash your face and make sure that when drying off, you use extra care.

2.    Use oil-free products around your eyes. The slip from oils will loosen the adhesives and you’ll begin to lose your lashes much quicker!”

DL: Tell us more about your 24K Gold anti-aging collagen treatment. 

HY: “Our adored moisture-packed gold essence collagen eye masks brighten, hydrate and firm the under-eye.  Recommended usage is twice per month and since touch-ups are advised about every 2 weeks, we treat our clients to one with each service.”

DL: What celebrity do absolutely think always slays their glam look? 

HY: “Kim Kardashian.  Hands down. “

 DL: How can people learn more about Dazzling Lash Bar

HY: “You can find us at and follow us @DazzlingLashBar on the gram. Appointments are by text for convenience and exclusivity; if you’d like to make an appointment, just send a message to 347-863-9976 with your First and Last name, and the type of service you would like. You’ll receive a message with availabilities; simply select your date and time, and you’ll receive a confirmation. Simple, easy and fast. “