Debora Balardini has been a powerhouse creative force in the industry for over thirty years. In fact, she is an experienced artistic talent who has a rich dance background in jazz, tap, ballet, and even hatha yoga. With her experience as a performer, teacher, and director in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, France, Japan and the United States, she is right on the pulse of the creative community in New York City. In addition to running PUNTO Space, an event space located in midtown Manhattan, she is the founder of the only Brazilian Theatre Company in New York called Group.BR, as well as serving on the board of directors of the Ayazamana Ecuadorian Cultural Center.

Balardini is on a mission to create awareness for her pet project, PUNTO Space, which has its origins to her native country Brazil. She along with co-founders of PUNTO Space, Duke York and Sandie Luna, have created an organization that not only serves as a haven and performance space for artists and other creative leaders, but also seeks to serve the professional aspect of running a creative business. The three co-founders of PUNTO Space also run a program called the Nettles Artistic Collective.

PUNTO Space is a mission based for-profit organization which was born out of the experience of the co-founders own past struggles as artists to find a viable performance space. Since its inception in 2014, PUNTO Space has been so successful that it has pioneered a program called #PuntoGivesBack as well as #PuntoInspires in order to provide a creative force to not only give back to the community but to inspire artists to continue to perform. The contemporary raw-space is over 3,500 square feet and is perfect for performances, galas, fashion shows, corporate events, product launches, and much more. It is a state-of-the-art facility with a variety of rental options and customizable packages.

PUNTO Space is truly a labor of love from three of the top artistic talents in New York City. Its commitment to artists’ needs is unparalleled, while its services to producers, writers, directors, and other entrepreneurs is unmatched. What sets PUNTO Space apart from other performance spaces is its ability to create a true artistic community. Balardini as well as York and Luna really care about every artist who walks through the doors of PUNTO Space. For more information about this incredible artistic space, check out their website at PUNTO Space will continue to be an integral to part of the artistic community in New York City.