Former NBA Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo is very much interested in buying the Houston Rockets. Over his 18 year career, he has played for several NBA teams including the Rockets.”I’m trying to convince some people about trying to buy this team,” Mutombo said in an interview with Fox 26 Sports. “It’s one of the best franchises right now. It’s really the right time.” Known for his great defense and famous finger wagging ever time he would block a shot, he’s hoping that he can actual point his finger at investors while convincing them to partner with him for Houston Rockets purchase. “Cut the check and they can make me be part of it,” he said when he referred to potential partners.  He stated that he’s been in talks with potential investors since Monday.

Current owner Leslie Alexander announced on Monday that he will be putting the NBA franchise up for sale.  He has owned the team for the past 24 years.

The Rockets recently added perennial all-star point guard Chris Paul to its roster.  He will team up with all-star James Harden.  The two players look to be a dynamics duo on paper.  If both players can play with each other and mesh well on the court in coach Mike D’Antoni’s high scoring system , the sky is the limit for the Houston Rockets. There were also rumors that New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony would join the Rockets as well, but those rumors has since died down.  With Golden State Warriors being the championship bench mark for the NBA (winning the title twice out of the last three seasons), the addition of Paul would go a long way in attempting to overtake the champions.

If Mutombo gets the opportunity to the buy the Houston Rockets, the team will already have a great foundation in its roster.  Stay tune.

Photo credit: Heratch Photography