The complication of the world wide web these days with the prevalence of websites, social media, blogs, vlogs, ezines and so much more, is that for businesses it can be hard still to pull in direct contacts to new or old customers. There’s just so much out there for web surfers to keep on clicking or scrolling through. Getting your targets to slow down and stop for minute is the challenge with so much “noise” out there.

Well DilogR has a new app that is solving that problem for businesses. It’s called ‘Click or Not’. The key, as the app’s developers have discovered, is that companies have to actually engage with their audience and not just show them something. Engagement is key and is the answer. What Click or Not does is make it easy for web developers and designers to create all kinds of quizzes and interactive video and photos, that entice viewers to stop for a minute and do something. Doing something is what you want because when readers do, they are staying on your page, providing you insight and information and more importantly, creating a relationship of sorts.

DilogR describes their product as “…an interactive multimedia platform that empowers publishers, trainers, brands, and bloggers to engage, know and recommend what prospects and customers want right now by adding rich media links to images, photos slides, and infographics.”

It allows for an interaction with those you are reaching, built on two-way contact instead of one-way.

That relationship, that engaged contact, is the reason most companies have websites in the first place, in hope of creating new customers. Click or Not has hit on the way. People love giving their insights and opinions. And they love fun quizzes and games. You give the potential lead that and they will give you themselves as a potential customer. And not just a potential customer, but one that is providing with you invaluable demographic, psychographic and other pertinent information that you can use to convert them later. 

DilogR says that they are “The only available platform that allows you to use and combine Q&A, quizzes, surveys, polls, assessments, interactive images, interactive video, and much more…All in one place.”

While that may be marketing, it does seem to describe the app very well. 

What’s also interesting is that it isn’t just the ability to create fun quizzes that is nice about this app, but it is also possible to create interactive video as they mentioned. The app has the capacity for you to include interactive links at different stages of your video so once again, it is more like a real conversation or presentation, than just a video that someone has to sit through, or drift away from, in many cases.

Collecting the data you get from these interactive solutions is also easy with Click or Not. You can send video data directly into your marketing automation platform, CRM, or email marketing system. You can then use the data for lead scoring, segmentation, and ROI tracking. 

It really is an all-in-one app that takes care of a lot of concerns and needs for businesses of all sizes. Happy customers indicate the app is worth its marketing. Their website published a few happy users:

“DilogR’s social quizzes are so easy to create and so viral. We love them.”

Lylian Morcos – The Associated Press

“Our audience is addicted to trivia and DilogR allows us to build amazing trivia quizzes in minutes.”

Social Media Customer

“The Results Page and Social Sharing was like printing money. We generated over 25,000 leads and made over $250,000 in under 3 weeks.”

Cathy Leeke – The John Maxwell Company

It’s nice to see companies coming up with ways to make the web even more useful than it was. These days few things are more useful to business people than finding ways to monetize, even indirectly, the Internet.