President Donald Trump is still our reality. Those of us who didn’t vote for him, rephrased to mean those of us who would have preferred literally almost anybody except Donald Trump, have no choice but to continue to brace ourselves for what’s seems to be the craziest four years the world has seen in a long time, if ever. 

It sounds hyperbolic to speak of the looming Trump presidency in such deeply pessimistic ways. And normally I would be one of the main people saying trust the system we have, a system that has withstood a whole lot of pendulum swinging since its inception. But Donald Trump is not normal. Even his supporters agree with that. Indeed supposedly it is one of the things they like about him. So by no means should anybody expect these next four years to be like any other. Even his transition has been like no other, with all of his Twitter talk and outward contradicting of the current President while he is still in office. Already the country has seen an increase in racial, religious and gender bias as many of those who believed Trump’s outright campaign calls to bigotry and hatred , have felt emboldened by his election. 

“Give Trump a chance,” we keep hearing from so many. Every time I hear someone say that I ask, “Give him a chance to do what?” Do they mean give him a chance to do the once thought of as un-American things like create a deportation force to round up undocumented workers and their families? Give him a chance to create a Muslim registry or block all Muslims from entering the country? Give him a chance to build his stupid wall? Give him a chance to continue to make Blacks look like “other”? Give him a chance to line his family’s pockets with all the conflicts of interest? Give him a chance to teach our kids that bullying people and name-calling is appropriate? Or to show kids that you can get away with sexual assault?

I’m confused. Or maybe they mean give Trump a chance to show that he didn’t really mean all those things. It was just a way to rile up the base and get elected. Frankly I’m not sure that would reflect any better on Trump if that were true either. Besides, Trump is exactly who he says he is. It’s awfully strange to argue against someone telling you exactly who they are. When they do, the smart bet is to believe them. Especially when their actions line up perfectly with their words. So far Trump is proving what he said as candidate Trump is who we should expect him to be as President Trump. His silly tweets, as a way of getting around and demonizing the media, while also satisfying his outsized ego, are proof that he is exactly who we thought he was, a man who should never have been given the keys to the White House. The combination of ego, greed, vengeance, thirst for power, and bigotry, are a dangerous mix especially when coupled with no real sense of what it means to be a head of state versus a businessman. 

I have no desire to give Trump a chance. The man stands for nothing I believe in. I accept that he won in a very flawed system. But nevertheless he won. I understand he will be the President for the next four years, whether I and many others like it or not. But given a free ride I believe Trump would do great harm to a lot of people, and I do not mean just emotionally because those of us against Trump, lost the election. No I am certain President Trump is going to harm our reputation internationally and possibly move us closer to increasing armed conflicts, is going to harm anyone outside the upper class with his economic policies, and I believe his rhetoric will cause great danger to anyone outside the mainstream, conservative concept of America. We have already seen evidence of this happening. 

I believe in our system. And I believe Trump will make it through at most one term in office as I don’t believe he cares more about America than he does himself and his business interests. He will either tire of the politics himself or he will be impeached over some conflict. But in the meantime I will continue to oppose Trump and what he stands for every chance I get. And despite the attempt to normalize him and his cabinet so far, I will not buy into that. Ever. President Trump should find out that I and many other Americans do take our values seriously. And we have come way too far to let him, and this crazy election, turn back the clock. Trump will not outlast decency. But we should all buckle up for an interesting ride these next four years nonetheless. And so should he. Trump and those he support his ugly rhetoric are going to find out that democracy and the power of dissent is all about.