Dr. Robin exhibits “girl power”.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and over 10 years in the medical industry, this influencer continues to use her social media platform to showcase her natural beauty and give much needed medical tips. 

Sticking to her goals to help others, Dr. Robin used her expertise and medical background to become a highly touted entrepreneur. She owns a skin care brand called “Muze Labs”. This brand specifically targets the deep cleansing of the skin by using all natural ingredients. With one quick facial swipe, you will come away with your face feeling anew. The oil free deep cleaning musettes are best sellers. 

Dr. Robin B also owns and host her podcast called “The Dose Show”. On the show, she and her distinguished guests discuss an array of topics that are essential to everyday life. Whether it’s health, medicine, personal relationships or career planning, this show speaks to those key subjects and gives the listening audience pivotal information. 

With an increased busy schedule that has her overseeing the Muze Lab brand, podcast and continued showcasing her beautiful talents, the good doctor sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career, ambitions and the future. 

AF: How have you been under the county’s COVID-19 pandemic?

Dr. RB: Currently, I work on the front line as an intern pharmacist by providing medical support within the California area during my clinical rotations. The best word to describe how I’ve been during the COVID-19 pandemic would be blessed. Simply the fact that I have life and health while still caring for patients is a reason to feel blessed. Also, I’m currently working virtually so that allows me the opportunity to quarantine safely. I make sure I stay loaded with vitamins, exercise and self care. Through my podcast, The Dose Show, I also encourage the public to do the same. It is imperative that I comply with COVID-19 guidelines as a medical professional. 

AF: You are the CEO and founder of Muze Labs? What was the process in creating this brand? 

Dr. RB: It took everything in me to create this brand — blood, sweat and tears. The process started 3 years ago when I first started pharmacy school, however, I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 20 when I started my first business. This time around, I knew I wanted to marry my passion for beauty and business with my love for medicine. I started by sourcing manufacturing and packaging on my own and over 10 prototypes with 3 different factories until I found the perfect product. With digital marketing as a passion of mine, I was able to use my skill set as a social media influencer to create a product that I wish existed, a clean-beauty face wipe for men and women. The creation of this magnificent brand has been one of my greatest accomplishments, because I was able to develop my very own all-inclusive, gender neutral, clean skin care line to support all skin types for all people. Men have skin too, and it was important to me that I stood up against toxic masculinity and femininity. Self care should be for everyone. This has also allowed me to creatively direct all of her campaigns, which has always been an asset to my brands. 

AF: Can you list some highlights of your career?

Dr. RB: Becoming an entrepreneur, podcast host and social media influencer while excelling at a 4-year doctorate program has been the major highlight of my career. While in school, I’ve been able to set the example as a role model for the community and work with some well known brands in the fashion, beauty and medical industries. Being able to break the stereotypes of the typical doctor and showing people that I save lives but I have a life too has allowed me to connect with a lot of influential people. It is an honor to be a provider that people can relate to and want to support. I’ve interviewed celebrities such as Dr. Cat, Amina Buddafly, and Sammie on my podcast and shared their perspectives on health and self care.

AF: What daily routine do you use to keep in shape? 

Dr. RB: I love fasted cardio. Running on an empty stomach is when I notice the best results. Also, when I stay consistent with my diet and workout plan I feel best. Taking time for rest is also important. On lighter days, I enjoy the practice of yoga as well as stay consistent with massages and facials. Making sure I stretch and keep my muscles loose is extremely critical for me to carry out all that I do in the pharmacy. Also, getting adequate sleep is number one on my list. Without health, we have nothing. It always comes first. 

AF: You have plenty of ventures and business opportunities. How do you balance your career and quality time with your family?

Dr. RB: Yes, I’m always asked how I balance it all. I make obtaining a doctorate look easy, but I can assure you it is not. For 4 years, you are basically doing job training from 8-5PM every day and then you still have to study when you get any free time. The only way I’m able to juggle everything is to use my weekends and holiday breaks wisely. I’m always ensuring that I have time to do work for brands, spend time with loved ones, and plan for the future. When you lay a brick every day, eventually you have a building that you’ll be proud of.

AF: What’s next for your career and how can people find you for business opportunities?

Dr. RB: My primary goal has always been to explore every aspect of the medical field, so you will be seeing more public speaking, exciting new guest on my podcast, and more advocating for the community. The Dose Show is also dropping new merchandise soon for the supporters. I look forward to seeing more expansion to a broader base of listeners with future possibilities of a talk show platform for young medical professionals. My next goal for my business Muze Labs is to release some exciting new skin care products and establish more distribution outlets. I love the woman I’m becoming and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future. 

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