Already from an early age, Egith van Dinther AKA Iggy was fascinated by the horse world. Her parents introduced her to this beautiful creature and since now she has never lost her love for the animal. Her passion goes out to Show Jumping. She trained horses on an international level at professional jumping stables in Europe, as well as in the USA.
Although horses couldn’t be her only way of living, she studied at the Johan Cruiff University in Amsterdam where she finished her Bachelor Business Administration. Quickly she found out that not only horses were her passion but also the fashion industry had a special place in her heart.
In London she graduated from the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design.
When she was 16, she got discovered by a Dutch photographer and from that moment on she was modeling all over the world. She started in Amsterdam and Paris but soon be followed by Istanbul, Milan, Dubai and London. She was honored to work with celebrities like George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and many other International Brands like Ralph Lauren, Avon, Cartier, Guess and Clarins.
To proceed her hosting and acting career, Iggy moved out to Los Angeles California. She already booked her first tv show starting this september 2017 on Lifetime. Called; American Beauty Star. Hosted by Adriana Lima. Other things she has been working on since she moved to the US are;
  • runway model for OSCAR DE LA RENTA & SAKS FITH AVENUE
  • REDKEN Hairshow
  • Model for E! ENTERTAINMENT LIVE (Oscars)
  • Morningshows for KTLA
  • Documentary; the last comfort woman.


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Photo Credit:
– Photographer: Bob Mans Photography Holland (the Netherlands) @bobmansphotography
– styling: Sabine Peels @sabinepeels
– Make up: Djanell Grassere @djanellgrassere