The Near Perfect Elisabeth Hadida

When it comes to the fashion industry, Paris, France is considered to be the global capital. While the industry is quite competitive, brands such as Saint Laurent and Balenciaga clearly stand out from the crowd. Elisabeth Hadida is a popular name in the fashion industry that has worked with both top fashion houses during her extraordinary career.

Elisabeth Hadida is a high-spirited and lively fashionista who found her passion for fashion when she was merely a 7-year-old kid. Her parents belonged to North Africa and they moved to the city of lights and love before she was born. She used to accompany her father to the clothing store he owned. Since he dealt in men’s clothing only, she learned everything and anything about men’s fashion. From developing a keen business sense to recognizing the best size for clients as they entered the store, her father’s clothing store actually helped her a lot.

Elisabeth joined Balenciaga in 2010 as Europe Retail Buyer RTW and Accessories Men & Women” and was promoted to the position of “Europe Senior Buying Manager” due to her sheer passion and efforts. Following in the footsteps of her father, she particularly focused on unisex clothing. She later joined Saint Laurent as “WW RTW Merchandising Manager” in late 2018.

In her own words,

“My father was and still is the Master of Fashion in my eyes. I loved to wear men’s pieces even when I was young, which now explains my obsession with androgynous looks rather than feminine ones.”

Elisabeth Hadida successfully carried forward the legacy of her father. Keeping in mind the golden rule, “Customers are king”, she does her best to understand and meet the particular needs of valuable clients. The supportive staff at the fashion house helped her reach where she’s today. The fashionista often comes up with innovative ideas that can revolutionize the fashion industry. When she was pregnant, she thought of creating a line of stylish maternity clothing. However, she has yet not acted upon her amazing business idea. What makes her an inspiration for women is that along with managing a hectic full-time job, she’s also a loving mother to her only child. She’s a devoted mother who perfectly juggles between her personal and professional life.

In order to be successful in the fashion industry, it’s crucial for a person to keep an eye on the changing dynamics and complexity of the industry. Elisabeth Hadida is a prominent name who has a vast experience of working with some great fashion houses. Moreover, her strong business profile is also something to learn from!

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