Girl power. These two words summarize the mood for an eventful night that included motivation, inspiration, dedication and most of all a true bonding of sisters.

The Essence of a Boss Conference award ceremony took place on May 5th at the Crown Plaza located in the heart of White Plains, New York. Hosted by the highly touted Rolonda Watts, this epic event highlighted successful women of color in their respective industries. Boss ladies from all backgrounds of business, from public relations, fashion, finance, medical to film, were in attendance to support each other in an euphoria of sisterhood. There were notable celebrities like Vivica Fox and Vanessa Simmons who graced the red carpet prior to the start of the event. 

The ceremony began with Rolonda Watts’ humorous monologue that had the entire audience laughing with tears as she talked about a myriad of subjects from her career to her personal dating experiences. She introduced all the award presenters as well interviewed key winners like Ms. Fox and Ms. Simmons.

Industry leaders like Xiomara Small (who’s job include booking A-List artist like Beyoncé) and Teresa Weatherspoon (WNBA) both took home awards. Weatherspoon gave a gut wrenching acceptance speech as she talked about her journey from a little town in Texas (proving all the negative critics wrong) to the Olympics and later a superstar in the WNBA. Her energy set the tone for the entire night.

Vivica Fox also took home an award that highlighted her stellar career. She took questions from the crowd as she discussed her upbringing in Indiana as well as her past love life with Curtis “50 Cents” Jackson. During the Q&A, she explained why she thought it was important to enter the hair industry and curve out her own niche. “When I looked across [hair industry], I quickly noticed there’s not a lot of black owned business”, Vivica said when someone in the audience asked about her hair product business. She went on to encourage women in the audience to live out their dreams.

Vanessa Simmons also gave an inspiration speech during her award acceptance. She talked about walking the shadows of successful parents while not letting pressures hinder her from reaching her goals.

During intermission, recording artist Lea Robinson’s (First Family of Hip Hop) performance captivated the crowd. She performed Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B’s Finesse (cover) and followed with her own original recording.

It was a great night to honor these successful women. Seeing the audience genuinely engaging the winners and vice versa is what made the event special. Congratulations to all the winners and successful business women who made this event a night to remember.