Estefanie Morena is one beauty on the move. Having recently been crowned as Ms. International World, a wealth of opportunities have been created for this Latina beauty to effect change one project at a time. She is known by her artistic name “La Morena”. As a child, Estefanie had always been passionate about the arts. She is currently a resident artist at the Peace Mural Foundation where some of her artistic work is being displayed.

In addition, she has also studied classical ballet at the Vladimir’s School of Classic Ballet and has been a runway model for New York Fashion Week for Lila Madison and Fashion Fever’s Designer Judith Barnes. Estefanie studied acting at Instituto Zavaleta de Actuacion (aka IZAA) in Miami, Florida. The school focuses on techniques for acting in Spanish telenovelas. She has appeared in reality shows such as ‘Swimsuit Centerfold 2015’ and in music videos for such artists as Turin and AJ Hill. From her impressive resume and background in the arts, it is apparent that La Morena is a gifted and talented performer.

As soon as she was crowned Ms. International World (2015/2016), she knew she was on a mission to help the children of the world. In fact, she is an active participant in the Little Light House Foundation which encourages underprivileged kids to keep off of drugs. Also being a performer herself, she is a big proponent of encouraging children to become involved in arts in order to cultivate discipline and self expression. She believes that the arts can be used as a means to help children express their special light that emanates from within their young souls.

The main goal in being Ms. International World is to use social work and charity to effect change in today’s youth. This is a cause that she holds near and dear to her heart and thus motivates her to spend endless hours working tirelessly to effect change for the youth. She envisions bringing approachability to the title of Ms. International World by showing true compassion and embodying the principles of passion and self sacrifice while representing the organization. She hopes to continue to be a bright light in the beauty pageant industry and bring a new dimension to it by being a representative for social work and charity.

It is clear that Estefanie Morena is a talented beauty queen with a big heart and lofty goals. She is not only beautiful on the outside but is that much more incredibly luminescent on the inside. Her passion, character, and drive will allow her to pave the way as a new role model for other pageant winners to follow in her giant, socially conscious footsteps.

You can follow Ms. International World Estefanie Morena on Instagram @estefanieamour.