BIO: My name is Ezra Muhammad I am 25 years old born in New York City but raised in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia. My passion has always been fitness as a certified personal trainer and former professional boxer health and wellness has always been something I find extremely important. Unfortunately, my physique and fitness expertise has always made my peers and others in my life ignore or downplay my second love which is fashion. I was inspired by my twin brother 5 years ago to explore the world of fashion he constantly researched European fashion trends and international fashion weeks and his style peeked my interest, he was stylish and unique definitely a different look then the people in our neighborhood and that lit a fire in me to explore the expression and individuality in the form of fashion. Three years ago, I began my modeling venture and casted for New York Fashion Week, definitely not the typical start for most models to jump right into but my leap of faith paid off and my first opportunity was in the fashion capital of the United States. That first show mesmerized me I was hooked I knew this was something I wanted to take seriously as a profession.

As I continued my carrier I was mentored and inspired by my uncle Jacob who is more of a father figure then anything a Talent Manager and industry music mogul who’s managed many models signed to Wihelmina modeling agency. As well as my Aunt and Uncle Uma, and Mahmuwd as fashion designer and make up artist duo that make up Youth United clothing brand and have been featured all over the US. There guidance helped push my craft to the next level and was influential to me signing to my modeling agency based out of New York IA Management. Founded by Noah Love IA Management has focused on the development of my brand and has been a pivotal asset in the foundation of the model I am today, with their guidance and tutelage of the agency model developer Jason Mcquain I have walked for countless designers and truly become an industry professional.
Doing what you love is the key to a successful and happy life, I am proud to say I am following my dreams and expressing myself and all avenues I find myself passionate in. Passion becomes profit so doing what you love is key, follow your passion and success and fortune will follow. Modeling and Fitness go hand and hand and I look to inspire the future generations with my art and expression via fitness and modeling. My name is Ezra Muhammad welcome to my journey to becoming the greatest version of myself.




Photograph by ABRI

Agency: iA Management

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