Love the skin you’re in is an adage most people can relate to, even if they claim they don’t care about how they look. After all, first impressions matter and in particular, the skin is our largest organ. That’s where Neurocosmetics of Facialdermcomes in. It’s innovative skin care that is “Pro-Youth” and “D-Stress” to help deliver the skin you’ve always wanted. In addition, it’s been internationally recognized and awarded for its effective and gentle skincare.

Neurocosmetics, as its name applies, is founded on science and has realized its potential with the Facialderm Facial anti-stress and anti-aging line. It’s based on scientific and holistic knowledge that the skin and brain are connected. Negative thoughts, actions, and experiences impact our mindset and impact our skin. Our modern, hectic 24/7 lifestyle is a leading cause of stress and degenerating skin. Skin degradation typically happens around 30, with signs of dehydration coming to life with wrinkles and general dull skin that lacks the plumpness and light of youth. Other common issues include hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

The Facialderm line tackles those problems by utilizing a natural anti-stress ingredient extracted from Tephorisa purpurea, a plant native to India and used throughout the centuries in India’s Ayurvedic medicine, renown for its healing and soothing effect on the skin. How it works exactly is still a mystery, but it has been shown to block the negative impact of stress on skin and facilitates sensory receptors between the skin and brain to maintain optimum communication and connectivity. It’s thus the main star and active ingredient in all the Facialderm products, ranging from serum boosters to face creams. The entire Facialderm collection showcases the company’s commitment to promoting healthy-looking and clear skin in women.

In terms of specific products, Facialderm’s serums are perfect for women who like non-heavy skin boosters. The serums have different focuses, ranging from collagen-boosting to Vitamin C skin brightening to balancing and blue defense boosters. For women who like something that feels more heavy duty, or if the weather is cooler, Facialderm’s creams are hydrating and formulated for two common skin types: normal-dry and combination oily, and adjusted accordingly with the former being hydrating and the latter being mattifying. With Facialderm, it isn’t one or the other. Both the serum and cream can be used to cultivate the perfect skin routine for perfect skin.

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