Building on 5 Pillars of the brand: FacilitySource

The facility management industry has come a long way in the last 20 years and is viewed in a whole new light today. With millennial companies like FacilitySource developing innovative FM technology, evolving proven practices and introducing new data-informed processes, the Integrated Facility Management landscape has changed significantly.

Established in 2005, FacilitySource provides innovative, technology-driven, single-source facilities management and support solutions to leading enterprises in North America. With a series of investments since its inception, including recent acquisition by CBRE Group Inc., the company now leading the industry. Serving clients across popular brands in healthcare, banking, retail, logistics and many other sectors, the organization has evolved to be a name to be reckoned with.

FacilitySource is known for its unparalleled FM data repository and development of industry-leading technology. It also curates a high-valued network of service providers. In combination, these elements have allowed them to become the recognized innovator and leader in the facility management space. Over the years, FacilitySource has evolved due to its focus on five pillars of market differentiation – Driven Experts, Technology & Process, Knowledge & Foresight, Flexibility, and the Elite Network of Service Providers.

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the brand pillars of Facility Source – 

Drive Experts:

Being driven is one of the much-needed qualities in the service industry. FacilitySource is known for their team of experts who are not only knowledgeable but driven in their services. By constantly working in alignment with their clients’ needs, the company helps their clients achieve their respective goals.

Knowledge & Foresight:

As a part of the knowledge economy, it is essential for organizations to be one-step ahead in deriving and gathering information. FacilitySource has based its business model on the asset of data-driven knowledge. By analyzing over 4 billion point of actual performance data, their experts can predict probable outcomes and thus optimize their clients’ facility management programs.

Technology & Process:

Technology is a major driver of successful enterprises, but the key is to optimize it to meet the business’ goals. The services and processes of FacilitySource pivot on its innovative and state-of-the-art technology know-how that drives smart solutions and continual improvement.


Flexibility in a business model speaks of how well it adapts to the needs of its clients and supports how they want to do business. FacilitySource has established its reputation as a flexible solution when it comes to serving its clients.

The Elite Network of Service Providers:

In the service-driven industry of facility management, FacilitySource maintains the largest network of service providers, continually evaluated to deliver their client’s ideal brand experience. Leveraging their extensive data repository, they are able to identify service provider partners delivering the highest-quality performance for the right price, while saving their clients the hassle of hiring at the local level.

Along with these five pillars of growth and success, FacilitySource also integrates business intelligence, total transparency and efficiency in its solutions.

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