On December 20th, I had the pleasure to attend Fashion 360 Magazine’s First Annual Holiday Bash event. The event was held at Casa event space located in Midtown, Manhattan, NY. The venue was full of stylish, professional individuals whom all seemed very excited to be part of the event. The music and the art in the space provided the atmosphere with great positive vibes that were felt throughout the night.

  I had a chance to speak with Jay Brooks the creator of Illionaire Society, at the event he was showcasing his latest collection. Brooks explained to me the origins of his brand starting from being based in Brooklyn, NY to now having his headquarters located in Long Island City, Queens NY. llionaire Society is a unisex brand which caters to all, men, women, and children, with a focus on streetwear. Brooks stated as a brand Illionaire Society has many goals, such as to inspire individuals to follow their dreams while staying true to themselves. Illionaire Society’s collections are inspired by real-life experiences, emotions, and they strive to promote a positive lifestyle celebrating individuals’ unique characteristics. Brooks says “Our motto is your condition shouldn’t determine your position” and their logo “iLL” is an acronym for “I Love Life”. He also gave me a closer look into his brand explaining the different textiles he uses in his collection. Emphasizing that he uses eco-friendly, organic textiles and recycled materials in some of the pieces in his collections. This is great for our eco-system and as well for many individuals who are vegan and for other individuals who are environmentally conscious and want to have a positive effect on the environment. All of Illionaire Society’s collection is available for purchase on their website.  

 Another brand that I was introduced to at the Fashion 360 event was the brand Sundays. Sundays is a nail care company which is focused on their customers’ health and well-being. Their products are free of toxic chemicals and animal products, making their products vegan-friendly. Sundays as a brand believes that “nail care is self-care, and you shouldn’t have to risk your health in the process”. This is a great trend that is changing the way companies create and tests their products. By giving their customers the choice to stay true to their beliefs while getting a beautiful long lasting manicure, Sunday’s is leading the way in the beauty industry revolution. It’s possible this will encourage individuals to have a more positive approach to the nail care industry. Sunday’s products are available for purchase on their website, and can also be purchased at their three nail studio’s located in Manhattan, NY in which you can receive many different services. If you would like to be pampered and beautified without the guilt of having toxic chemicals applied to your body, Sundays studios are perfect for you.


It was a beautiful night indeed, meeting great people with great aspirations. Brands like these are making their dreams come true in the fashion and beauty industries day by day. By producing eco-friendly products these companies are also helping society and changing the world step by step. I loved to see how aware of the environmental and social changes the fashion and beauty world is becoming, and how lovely it was showcased by Fashion 360 Magazine thank you so much for inviting us to your first annual holiday bash, it was truly memorable, and thank you to all the sponsors from the event @illionairesociety @sundays_studio @makeupforeverus @onlocationtours @yoursmilenv @nXtbag @enmariebeauty @laurmeskincare @drmarderskincare @getsundaily @shopguestbox @bigenofficial  @junklessfoods  @shopbontemps @bar_bacon @taronginousa .