Every time you leave your habitation you make a fashion statement. You embodied the past, present and future for style. In the fast and forever evolving culture of fashion, individuality is paramount.  It signifies your originality like that unique stallion amongst the steeds or that colorful flower in the community of the grass. Whether it’s your overall beauty decor on definitive hairstyle, it’s  your signature fashion statement.  Beauty expert and celebrity hair stylist Lyala “Fashion” Hendricks knows this all too well. 

As previously seen on the entire Fourth season of Jerseylicious and appearances on Tyler Perry’s ‘Meet the Browns’ and The Wendy Williams Show, Fashion Hendricks is a fixture in the fashion community with over twenty years of experience.  Her attention to detail and creative influence are a couple reasons why her name ranks among the tops in the industry. It doesn’t stop there. Fashion is also an entrepreneur with an eye for success. 

Founder and owner of New York City Weave Studio, her salon is neatly tucked in the heart of Manhattan. The company specializes in hair extensions as well as, all areas of hair care and make up

artistry for the every day working woman, models and celebrities. It’s NYC. Weave Studio mantra to provide clients and potential clients

with critical advice to ensure optimum beauty and style. 

Fashion took time to talk to Industry Rules about her origins to fashion and why it was a critical career choice. 

AF:  What were the key decisions and sacrifices that led to your success?

FH:  I made a lot of sacrifices early in my career. While friends were out enjoying life, I was a busy self employed mother of two working on building a clientele and saving to open my own salon. Working for others has never been appealing to me. The normal things  that women my age were doing  , was no  t an option for me. There were no Sunday brunches, club nights or time to take care of me because I was busy servicing my clients with cute  hair cuts, acrylic nails and making up their face  s for a night on the town. I remember many sixteen hour days spent at “Miracles  , ”  the first full service salon I opened in Albany, NY. I decided then to put in the hard work   necessary to build the brand  that I have today.  Women everywhere trust my opinion and look to me for their beauty needs. 

AF: Why is branding so important?

FH:  Branding is very important. My brand is consistency and reliability.  My clients know that I am true to my word. It is important to me that I stay reliable and keep my promise to clients. There  ‘ s nothing worse than a client who makes an appointment and the stylist doesn’t show up. Trust me, it happens often. I always tell my clients  , “If I’m not at the salon when you arrive, call the cops first then me because something bad has happened  .” They always laugh but it’s really the truth. 

AF:  Where do you draw inspirations to be an entrepreneur?

FH:  My biggest inspirations come from street style and pop culture. I am a big people watcher and I always keep up on the latest trends and the next biggest thing for hair  , makeup and   fashion. I live for all things beauty and it feeds my soul. Right now  , the advice I’m giving to my clients is to keep the makeup soft  ,    no more  of the heavy   contour look  , soft waves for hair and olive is the new “it” color.

AF:  What were the core goals you set when you first started?

FH: There were a few core goals that I set when I first started in the beauty business. Be on time, keep my prices affordable and always be willing to learn. If you do those three simple things  , your business will always do well.

 AF:  What’s next for you and your brand?

FH:  The next thing you can expect from me is an all natural hair care line. There are a few products that do not exist in the beauty world and I’d like to develop them and bring them to market. 

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Photographer: Armando Espinoza

Hair, Makeup, Stylist: Fashion Hendricks