The fatal car crash that left 19 people injured and one person dead has been allegedly tied to racism. A very heated protest in Charlottesville, Virginia over the removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee is the origin of the protest. The crowd seem to grow more agitated by the second. As both sides of supporters for the general and protesters against the statue weighed their arguments, physical fights and chaos broke out everywhere. It reached the tipping point. “This is a war zone,”  a lady in the crowd shouted.  Then, out of nowhere, a dark Dodge Charger was rammed into a crowd of protesters, adding more mayhem to an already lit racial fuse.

James Alex Fields Jr., the alleged driver of the vehicle, is currently being held in a Virginia jail in connection to the hate crime. He has been allegedly identified as the driver of the Dodge Charger.

Derek Weimer, his former social studies teacher at Randall K. Cooper High School, gave some insight of Fields Jr. “It was quite clear he had some really extreme views and maybe a little bit of anger behind them,” Weimer told CNN. “Feeling, what’s the word I’m looking for, oppressed or persecuted. He really bought into this white supremacist thing. He was very big into Nazism. He really had a fondness for Adolf Hitler.”

Fields Jr. is now facing second-degree murder chargers for this criminal act. They 20 year old is due in court today. He’s being held without bond.

Photo Credit: Win McNamee /Getty

Video courtesy of ABC News