They are Grey.

Fawn Grey is an up-and-coming, non-binary model living in Aurora, Colorado. They have lived as counselor, student, salesperson and in-between: now, they are pursuing life in front of the lens.

Grey rose as a creative from their beginning, quietly observing the world around them. Whether through sketch, sound or photograph, Grey shared a connection with their surroundings through art. In school, they fed their fascination for the human element through a degree in Psychology. As they grew from isolation to exploration, they never lost their thirst for experience.

In an unsuspected place while working in a children’s treatment facility, Grey met someone who would bring opportunity neither could have imagined. What began as a concept with no subject became this model’s future. A wonderful photographer and friend, Chrystal Dellinger saw potential for art in the undiscovered and captured it with both excellence and grace. Their first project together launched a confidence and network that has only continued to grow and flourish.

Along with Chrystal as a member of the LGBTQIAP+ community, Grey’s true vision as a model would be this—to provide a face and resource to the non-binary and queer communities throughout the nations.  This community knows the pain each member experiences just to exist in the world.  We have seen our own on the street, rejected for our Light.  We have seen death on the news. We deserve to know we exist.  We deserve to know we are worthy of love. We deserve to look out and see our own face reflected. As any member of disenfranchised people on this earth, we deserve to advocate for ourselves and each other.

Grey currently continues to grow their repertoire and network within the modeling community. Grey works on a paid basis and seeks to create true art and message with whomever they meet. You will be able to see Grey in Denver Pride 2018’s Trash Fashion Show this Summer.


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Photographer – James Griffin (Gryphon Visual Arts)
Body Paint Artist: Jasper Crouch
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