Introducing FireFan, the latest sports app looking to revolutionize your digital sports experience.

Launched on one of the biggest weekends in football (Thanksgiving) FireFan became the fourth trending sports application in the App Store. That’s because it’s a simple one-stop-shop for all your interactive sports needs -complete with schedules, stats, and more.

Combining the winning aspects of fantasy gaming, brackets, and social sports-based fan sites, FireFan is able to provide a simple yet engaging enough platform for everyone to enjoy – whether an extreme sports buff or casual follower.

The free app allows users to directly engage with live sporting events happening right in front of them from their mobile devices. No need to waste two plus hours filling out a bracket.

CEO and Founder Jeff Henderson dreamt up the game-changing idea 15 years ago, thinking it was a great way to get his entire family to enjoy sports together. But it wasn’t until November 2015 he decided to make it a reality. Working with Natalyn Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing, they officially launched FireFan this past Thanksgiving weekend and were met with glowing reviews.

“This is the first time in history our entire family has watched a football game together and even a bigger time in history when we all enjoyed it,” writes one user from Idaho. “To see my youngest daughter who knows nothing about football laughing and playing along with my son was priceless.”

FireFan staff received dozens of similar messages from families and friends around the country exclaiming their excitement.

While the app currently supports only football, UNITED GAMES LLC is quickly optimizing the mobile game to accommodate basketball and is looking to follow-up with baseball, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA, and other international sports.

“The future is more than an app,” Lewis tells me. “We can become the social destination for sports.” With over 600 glowing reviews and a 4.5 star rating in the App Store, the aforementioned seems likely.

Visit or the App Store to join the fun.