Fitness Steps to Success

April is a time of year where spring takes into full affect. With one-quarter of the year passed, we can take a quick snap shot to see if we’re on par with reaching our fitness goals. By doing a state-of-the-moment assessment, you can determine the outlook for the rest of the year. If you’re not projected to stay on course, I have some key steps that will get your fitness train back on the railroad of fitness success:

1. Let’s start with the first thing you see in the mirror . Taking care of your skin requires one of the most basic and abundant resources on earth and that is water. Show your skin love by drinking enough water every single day. The recommended daily amount is half of your body weight.

2. Massage: A full body massage will help to expel the body of any waste along with releasing any tension that may be stored up in tight muscles. Tension caused by your daily exercise routine and life’s daily challenges.

3. Read: a stimulating book will create new neural pathways and ignite ideas and open doors you never knew existed.

4. Fashion: shop! wearing different textures like silk and cashmere will give you a whole new feel and look!

5. Travel: take a trip into a deprivation tank or Egypt, they’re both an experience.

6. Activity: try something new like gymnastics or rock climbing, get out of your comfort zone.

7. Stretch: a most underrated and essential tool for optimal living, 5-10 minutes each day will change your life!

8. Sauna: the dry heart expels toxins, releases tension in the muscles and leaves you feeling zen, namaste.

9. Steam: the moisture aids in muscle recovery, releases congestion, improves blood flow and enhances your skin.

10. Be Loving: the best way to show yourself love is to be loving to yourself, be loving to others and the world around you; life becomes even more beautiful and exciting.

11. Do Loving things: other ways of showing love are by donating your time and resources to a cause or mission, something bigger outside of yourself! Make it worth it!

After being the loving human you are by doing so many remarkably loving things you will have all the love you ever wanted and needed by remembering that you are always completely and wholly loved.

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