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Top Ten Fitness Tips for New Year

The year 2023 is here. The new year comes with its own set of challenges, obstacles and goals to accomplish. Most people set lofty goals and high barometers that will never meet. In fact, those same persons tend to either give up or stop executing their plan to negotiate their goals right at the beginning. We hope you’re not that type. 

For the new year, Industry Rules has teamed up with fitness trainer Destinii to give you 10 tips that will keep you fit throughout the year. 

  1. Set a realistic goal that fits around your lifestyle. This should include both short term and long term goals.
  2. Consistency – You should always be consistent with your goals to get the best results. 
  3. Never give up – This is key! Failures are what makes you stronger. It is important to persevere. 
  4. Stay Motivated- Change doesn’t happen overnight so keep a positive mindset. You can also get yourself a training buddy so you can motivate each other.
  5. Believe in yourself – Always remember you are your own competition.
  6. Turn fitness into a lifestyle – Make fitness become apart of your everyday routine so that it just becomes a part of your life. 
  7. Make your workouts fun – This way you will always look forward to training.
  8. Understand your limits – Always train to your ability and not what you see others doing. 
  9. Eat your way to success – Eating the right foods at the right time will ensure your body is always fueled. 
  10. Rest – Ensuring you have enough sleep will allow you to always feel fresh and ready for your next training session.

Please have a great year!

You can follow Destinii via Instagram @DestiniiLouise to get more fitness tips.

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