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Five Tips for Fitness

November is synonymous with Movember. The month is dedicated to bringing more awareness to men’s health. It’s symbolized by the display of one’s mustache. Whether you have a regular trim mustache or something similar to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, the concentrated theme is to keep men healthy.

In this issue, Industry Rules dedicates the entire publishing to men’s health with an assortment of stories and features that’s aim to encourage men to be healthier as well as live a healthy lifestyle.

With that being said, we are focusing on 5 basic fitness tips that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are Industry Rules’ top 5 fitness tips:

Set Goals

Having a goal is paramount. If you don’t plan, then, you plan to fail. It’s essential to set goals for yourself in all aspects. It’s the building block to everything. Once you have a goal, you can execute accordingly.

Food Consumption

This is literally 80-90% of the battle in creating a healthier lifestyle. It’s that old saying, “you are what you eat”. Putting the right food in your body’s ecosystem is key and very important. Whether it’s greens, fruits or any other choice of food you normally eat, it’s imperative to monitor the benefits of everything you put in your body.


In today’s fast-moving society, it’s hardly any time to get ample amounts of rest. There’s 24 hours when a daily cycle, you should try to find at least 8 hours to rest. As the body rest, it heals itself. So, sleep is very important.

Gym Life

Exercising and lifting weights at the gym goes a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s one of those core essentials. Running and cardio keeps the blood flow positive while toning the body. The weightlifting is key to muscle grow, durability and sustaining.


Smiling is everything. It’s encouraging. It lifts other’s spirit, and it always keeps a positive vibe. Even if things aren’t going your way, you should always smile and be in good cheer. Smiling is infectious. It will add on to a healthy lifestyle that you’ve already established.

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