One of the most beautiful places to visit in South America, Brazil, has become a hot spot for vacationers. This country, encompassing 47% of South America, houses the Amazon rainforest, amazing beaches, and a diverse, friendly population. It is most widely known for it’s annual Carnaval, the huge celebration that lasts from the Tuesday to the Friday before Lent. If you have a chance to book a stay during this time, you will find endless entertainment in the form of parades consisting of Samba dancers, bright costumes, and music. Brazil has thirteen cities and each celebration has slight variations. The cities virtually shut down for this magnificent event. However, Brazil has many other amazing attractions throughout the year. Here are just a few:

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain, named after its shapes’ similarity to the drum used in the production of Sugar cane, is located in Rio de Janeiro. If you are a fan of immensely beautiful views from on high, then take the two cable cars up to the top of this mountain. Tramcars can become crowded, as I said Brazil is a pretty popular place, so try to get there early or maybe right before sunset for some astounding photo ops. The view will show you the city and beaches that Brazil has to offer. The cost and queue are well worth the wait. If you plan on having an elevated experience, you can rent a helicopter for a more personalized view.

Cost: $44 for adults
Children under 6 ride free


Corcavado, home to the statue of Christ The Redeemer, was recently chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is another breathtaking view in Rio, so ensure your visit is planned during a cloudless day! You can also make your experience easier and stress free by purchasing tickets in advance. Avoid long lines by being an early riser as this is another very popular tourism spot. Other days to be weary of long lines are religious holidays as the statue and chapel attracts many worshipers.

Cost: $45
Opens at 8am

Natural History Museum

So you’d like to learn a little about the history of Brazil during your visit? Well, this is the perfect platform to do so. Originally built as a fort, this museum displays and explains the history of Brazil beginning with the Paleolithic age. Gain insight into the Afro-Caribbean influences of Brazil’s modern culture and learn about the somber pieces of history including the country’s years of slavery and process of abolishment.


Relax beside the Amazon river at Alter do Chao Beach located in Para. This beach is right in the middle of the river. There you can take a boat ride, enjoy delicious food, and explore the small village known for it’s homey feel.

Fernando de Noronha is another beach that promises tranquil relaxation. This beach contains such a delicate ecosystem that there are restrictions on visitation by tourists. Granted access to this beach provides an opportunity to witness wildlife and is a great destination for diving!

If you’re looking for an ideal surfing spot then Arpoador is your best choice! This is also another great photo opportunity involving breathtaking sunsets. There are other beaches, Ipanema & Copacabana, nearby as this is located in busy Rio de Janeiro.

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