Meet the app that’s bringing your photos to life, literally. Hello Flixel! Flixel is a “new type of hybrid photography that combines a still photo with video”.  Established in 2011, but launched in 2012, in a couple of quick swipes, Flixel turns normal, every-day pictures into art! 

Flixel, is a Toronto-based start-up company that began as a vision to create visual storytelling through Cinemagraphs (motion-picture photographs) all by using your phone. During a time of despair and near ruins, a timely partnership with the hit television show, America’s Next Top Model, revitalized the company.  Utilizing technology to advance the modeling and arts industry introduced Flixel to millions of people. This pairing helped turn Flixel from a “mobile app that was outputting GIFs to a professional software company used all around world”. 

Since then, Flixel has taken off. As a platform, the co-founders are seeking to use Flixel as an innovative and unique mobile marketing tool to fundamentally transform advertising. With the growing universal acceptance of cinemagraphs, Flixel has worked with notable brands such as, Facebook, NETFLIX, A&E, Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic, amongst others. 

Flixel’s progression of the arts and furthering the tech/digital world has not gone unnoticed. In 2014, Flixel received an Apple Design Award and Best of 2014 in the App Store. Also, in 2014 Flixel won Canada’s Digi Award for Digital Company of the Year, and was tabbed as one of the Top 20 most innovative Canadian companies. Finally, Flixel was named Best Startup at StartupFest in 2016. 

Available for both macOS and iOS, Flixel costs $16.67 per month. This includes Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro for both macOS and iOS, Persecond for macOS (the fastest and easiest way to make a timelapse video), as well as, other features. With its consistent creativity and savvy marketing Flixel will be around for the long haul. 

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