The Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor press tour has been exciting, disrespectful, colorful and obnoxious.  This is the fight many believe wouldn’t happen and now it’s set to be one of the biggest financial draws in professional boxing history.  The two fighters has certainly made the tour entertaining.  With their first stop in Los Angeles, both fighters made obscene gestures at each other with name calling and personal information being spewed to the crowd and media outlets.  Some words we are reluctant to put in this article were mention countless times as both fighters tried to get under each other’s skin.  The next stop was in Toronto and then New York City with a stop at the Barclay center (Brooklyn).  There, both Mayweather and McGregor took insulting shots at each as the crowd was in a frenzy.  McGregor, who wore a custom design Gucci outfit that resemble a modern version of NFL’s legend Joe Namath, taunting Mayweather while address his racial comments from the previous tour city. The presser ended in London where (you guessed it) there was more trash talk and bashing by both fighters.  There was nothing out of limit with the personal attacks during the tour.  Whether it was Connor talking about Mayweather alleged finaical issues with the IRS or Mayweather constantly calling McGregor a quitter, this four city press tour created enough controversy and perhaps enough interest to sell this mega fighting event.

Although Floyd Mayweather is 40 years old and has not been in the ring for a long time, many analyst are siding with him to be victorious in this bout. Why? It’s the nature of the sport.  Mayweather is arguably the best fighter of all time with a 49-0 record.  He’s a pugilist technician with speed, defense and deceptive power.  While age may have caught up with him, McGregor is a pure MMA fighter which may prove to be disadvantage.  It’s at totally a different arena and sports with rules that gives an overwhelming advantage to Floyd Mayweather.

Boxing is more of science where as MMA is more technique.  The rules are different.  From the size and weight of the gloves to the rules of engagement.  This puts McGregor, who has the power to knockout Mayweather, at a disadvantage.  He will have to show pure boxing skills and outbox the champion. Does he have a chance?  Sure.  He’s 12 years younger and much bigger than Mayweather.  So, he has a punching chance.  But, will he even touch Mayweather is a bigger question.  Connor McGregor has never fought in the field of true boxing.  Consider a good striker in MMA, some analyst argue that he would not be a match for a “C” level boxer let alone the world champion.  On August 26 in Las Vegas, the world will find out.  It should be an interesting fight.

Video courtesy of Showtime & Fox