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Ford Mustang Mach-E

Just a few short decades ago, all-electric cars were practically a sci-fi concept our society was flirting with. You might see one on The Jetsons, but on the way to the grocery store? Not a chance!

Fast forward to today, and one might be forgiven for thinking we’re only a few more short decades away from becoming a majority-electric automotive society. The world isn’t quite able to make this transition overnight, but the speed at which auto manufacturers are innovating, adapting, and producing electric vehicles is nothing short of breakneck. There’s no real shortage of electric autos to choose from, and the market is vibrant enough to play host to a number of interesting, bespoke, and sometimes quirky vehicles that offer us a glimpse of our future on four wheels.

Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E is the first of the manufacturer’s fleet to be designed exclusively as an electric vehicle. In fact, there is no gas-powered model, nor is there a hybrid. The Mach-E represents Ford’s attempt to put both feet firmly in the electric vehicle market, a commitment that modern drivers are increasingly expecting.

That commitment, in the minds of many, likely begs a question: can an electric car really fill the shoes that the Mustang name demands of it?

Perhaps counterintuitively, the Mach-E’s “jumps-off-the-page” strength isn’t how much power it puts on the tarmac, but how it marries a surprisingly luxurious aesthetic with the rest of the package. There are some familiar bits of Mustang design language throughout, and they’re expertly blended with the rest of the car’s aesthetic, which is understated, yet modern.

For our two cents, the Mach-E has a particularly good offer on hand where hands-free operation is concerned. Ford’s BlueCruise technology allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel and enjoy a leisurely road trip, all while monitored by a driver-facing camera that ensures the driver is always paying attention.

As a ringing endorsement of the car’s pedigree and capabilities, the NYPD announced that it will be purchasing and using 3 Mach-E models as patrol vehicles. Though an electric vehicle bearing the Mustang branding may have initially drawn skepticism among drivers, it’s hard to argue against any vehicle that’s good enough for the NYPD and the roads of New York.

Video courtesy of AutoTrader

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