Foshposh is an ascending model and social media influencer from New Jersey.  Having been featured in music videos with Future, Megan Thee Stallion, Fabolous, Dream Doll and more, the beautiful maiden is keeping busy with her studies when she’s not in front of the camera.  She found time to complete her Bachelor degree at Centenary University in 2019.

The avid pescatarian and animal lover sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career and future endeavors:

AF: How did you get into the model industry?

FP: I really started taking pictures when I was in high school, nothing serious. But, then when I got into college, I would take and post selfies. Those images went viral. Then, I had different people reaching out to me to take more images of me. It just stuck. I kept taking pictures and they would continue to go viral online.

AF: What ran in your mind when you were working with artist such as Future, and Megan Thee Stallion?

FP:  When I got to work with Megan, I was sooooo excited because I’ve been a fan of her before she got extremely big and when I was chosen to be one of the girls for her B.I.T.C.H video I just couldn’t believe it! Highlight in my career for sure! I love Megan. Then, I got to shoot with Future, that was also amazing! I’m just very thankful for my social media platform it has definitely put me in so great positions. 

AF: You have Bachelor of Science degree in business.  How does that degree apply in your model career? 

FP: Yes. I have a Bachelors of Science in business with a concentration in social media marketing.  I feel like for my career it has definitely helped me because it has helped me learned essentials in how to handle business in the industry, and also professionalism. Not only that, but having knowledge on social media marketing has helped me market myself and promote myself better on social platforms.

AF: Can you give some advise to someone in our audience who’s looking to become a model?

FP: My advice to someone who wants to be a model, I would say is quality not quantity. Quality work, images, profile, friends etc. It all about the quality of everything you do. Also invest in yourself, if you feel you need to do something that will bring you to the next level in your career, take a chance on it. See where it takes you. 

AF: What’s next for your career? 

FP: I really want to shoot for Playboy sometime in my career and I also want to get a role in a movie, possibly a television show! But definitely something with acting. Stay tune!

Stay connected with Foshposh through her instagram @Foshposh.

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