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Four Energy Snacks on the Go!

The morning’s third alarm has gone off on your cellphone and now you are realizing you will be late to work if you don’t get up and hustle ASAP! Late mornings do not often leave time for making fulfilling or even remotely healthy foods. Not to mention the snacks we do have time to pick up – such as a flavorless “energy bar” or the new iced coffee drink with added ice cream being offered by a certain fast food chain fronted by a seemingly sweet red-headed child – these snacks cannot provide lasting energy to keep us focused until lunch. I have got four snacks for you that are simple to put together and will help keep your head up throughout the day without the mid-afternoon sugar crash. 

1. Sealed jar snacks are a go-to for me because they are easy to make and even easier to carry around without a mess. Start with a base: peanut butter or hummus added to the bottom of the jar, filling to about 1/3rd of the space. Then choose a snack to stick into the PB or hummus: pretzels, celery, or carrots work well. You could do all three if you like! 

2. Golden toast is for the reader who loves sweets but is trying to avoid that “hyper” feeling. Take whole wheat or multi-grain toast and add a layer of peanut butter – crunchy or smooth is your choice. Next, drizzle a few thin ribbons of organic honey on top. Finish it off with a sprinkle of seeds or nuts. My favorite combo is pumpkin seeds and almonds. 

3. Green tea yogurt pops are both refreshing and energizing with a healthy hit of probiotics for gut health. Boil a teakettle of water and add 2-3 green tea bags. I usually go for lemon ginger green tea but berry flavored green tea would be tasty as well. Let the tea steep for 10-15 minutes then pour into a few large mugs and let cool. Next, add the tea to a simple ice cube tray or popsicle tray if you have one. If using the ice cube tray, cover the top with plastic wrap and push a popsicle through the wrap into each of the cubes. Let freeze overnight then roll the green tea pop in a layer of your favorite yogurt and let freeze again for 4-5 hours. 

4. Overnight oats require very little assembly and result in a tasty snack. Add about a half-cup of stone ground oats to a sealable jar. Next add a half-cup milk. Animal or plant milk is fine. You can even use water to cut calories. For a tangy flavor, include a large dollop of yogurt then sprinkle with toppings of your choice: seeds, nuts, and honey taste great in overnight oats. Seal the jar tightly and leave in the fridge overnight then enjoy the next day with a spoon!

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