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Fresh & Fun Spring Gift Ideas

Finally, sunny and warm Spring is here! We made it through a long depressing winter. So, we are celebrating this new season by sharing some fresh and fun Spring gifts that you can enjoy at home while you are quarantining. We have put together this list of Spring things that are guaranteed to bring you joy, help you sleep or relax, or simply get you back into the swing of things. So, in the spirit of the season, try some of these products and feel free to send us your feedback. From bubbly, to cleaning tools, to essential oils, or fragrances, you should take the time to stop and smell the lavender, literally! 

Lavender Life Company

Lavender Lovers Ultimate Package ($79.95) – SHOP NOW 

With the world battling a pandemic in the form of a Coronavirus, we need all the help we can get. If you cannot take the stress anymore, we suggest using lavender oil to help calm your nerves. The Lavender Lovers Ultimate Package is an excellent anti-stress gift set. It includes a lavender cream, an all-natural lavender bar soap; a lavender spray for our room, linen and body; a lavender essential oil roll-on which you can throw in your purse, briefcase, or diaper bag; an organic undiluted lavender essential oil dropper; a hand-poured lavender essential oil and fragrance soy candle to help you relax; and as an added bonus, you also get a stainless-steel key that helps you get every last drop out of bottles! This gift box is truly a Lavender Lover’s dream. 

Pause Playful Wellness

“I Am Love” Crystal Healing Affirmation Candle ($50) – SHOP NOW 

2020 was a tough year for us, and it will take time for some of us to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Scented candles are a great way to relax you, reduce anxiety, help you meditate, and welcome peace into your home. “I Am Love” is a vibrant floral scented candle infused with orange & fir essential oils, agave, chrysanthemum, & patchouli. This candle has been adorned with large and mini Rose Quartz crystals to soothe emotions and restore a balanced state of compassion for oneself & others. 

The QR code-linked label takes you to an opportunity to pause in a guided meditation, or play accompanied by a soulful healing playlist sure to connect with your heart in more ways than one. The candles are handcrafted with love in Los Angeles, CA and designed to support your journey to cultivating more peace, pause, & play! Made with a luxurious vegan wax blend of natural apricot + coconut, and high-quality fragrance + essential oils, Pause Play Wellness candles are 100% gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, & phthalate-free. Each candle is adorned with ethically-sourced crystals & infused with reiki to amplify its healing properties. 

Wink & Rise

Whish Sound Conditioner ($40) – SHOP NOW 

If you like soothing sounds, Wink & Rise have perfected the art of sleep. Check out their Whish Sound Conditioner, which is a digital sound machine that will lull you to sleep. It is sure to feature a sound that will sooth you as you drift off. Once you are asleep, the Whish cancels ambient noises that may awaken you, allowing for a more restful sleep experience. It features a volume control, and includes an automatic shut-off that can be set to 6 hours or 8 hours (in case you need white noise to fall asleep but prefer a silent environment once you are asleep). 

Luna Nectar

Nocturne Magnesium Sleep Oil ($33) – SHOP NOW 

With the world still battling COVID-19, many of us are stressed out. The impact of the pandemic has left us with countless nights with disrupted sleep. Nocturne is a unisex topical magnesium oil that helps with sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, migraines, and muscle recovery. Did you know that magnesium is the first mineral to decrease in your body when under stress. Due to our society’s high-pressure environment and busy schedules, magnesium deficiency is very real. Many common symptoms including lethargy, depression, back pain, headaches, and brand for can correlate to being deficient in magnesium. 


Rum Punch ($11) – SHOP NOW 

Want to experience paradise at home during quarantine? You can make your own paradise cocktail in just a few seconds. This rum punch cocktail is delivered cold, handcrafted with fresh and organic ingredients, has no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives. When you are ready to mix drinks, just twist the bottom to release the non-alcoholic ingredients into the alcoholic liquid, and you get 2 cocktails for the price of 1. With several flavors to choose from, you’ll always be ready to serve. This is the best bar in town delivered right to your door. Best of all, this brand supports all bartenders and services industry professionals. 


TUSHY Classic 3.0 ($129) – SHOP NOW 

Have you experienced a toilet paper panic during the COVID-19 pandemic? You should consider installing a bidet in your home. The TUSHY Classic 3.0 is a bidet attachment that washes your bum with a stream of clean water. You can adjust the temperature and pressure with the turn of a knob. It includes everything for an easy install and requires no electricity or additional plumbing. Transform your restroom into the best room with TUSHY. 

Neon Bars

Followed My Dreams to New York ($33.90) – SHOP NOW 

Wash away 2020 with soap bars by Neon Bars. The bespoke scent of their New York perfume bar varies from fresh lemon to hints of vetiver and makes your bathing experience truly stimulating. Have a refreshing start in your day with this fruity yet woody fragrance and let the scent accompany your body to feel energized for hours into your day! Allow the clarifying scent to calm your anxiety and strengthen your concentration! The power of the sense of smell and its unique connection to emotions and memories, enable perfumes to help us leave our ordinary course and to embrace a state of mind that is responsive and open for creative imagination. Find your focus and define your goals with this meditative experience! 

Archer Roose

Rosé Half Case ($49, 12 cans) – SHOP NOW 

Canned wine has gotten more popular during the pandemic. You annoy deny the fact that canned wine is convenient, better for the environment than glass, and easier to recycle. There are a wide range of canned wine to choose from. Now that Spring is officially here, you should try this rosé offered by Archer Roose. It is sourced from a sustainable winery in the heart of Provence, France, this delectable blend is the answer to your “Rosé all day” fantasies. This rose is a blend of Grenache Noir, Syrah, Carignan, and Grenache Blanc. It is a dry and fruit-forward, with notes of strawberry, raspberry and apricot compote. 

Bloom & Boogie

Disco Ball Planter ($45) – SHOP NOW 

The Coronavirus has us spending so much time at home. Why not give your home a touch of retro décor and something to smile about? This repurposed disco ball hanging planter is super cool and super sustainable. The rope is made of real hemp, hand painted, and has real glass mirror pieces. These disco balls are rescued and remixed with love (plant not included). Hang it and then stand back and admire it as the mirrors catch the light from every angle and gets everyone in a festive mood. 

WOW Skin Science

Rose Otto Essential Oil ($15) – SHOP NOW 

Instead of sitting at home feeling depressed about what is happening around the world, this rose oil will help pep you up. Use it in your bath water, or put a few drops in your diffuser to feel relaxed and happy. This essential oil is blended in Jojoba oil and is ideal for maintaining female health. Also known for its uplifting & aphrodisiac qualities, it serves as an excellent addition to skincare routine for dry or aging skin, and is also perfect for hydrating your hair. 


12 oz Cup ($15) – SHOP NOW 

These collapsible cups from Stojo are reusable, easy to carry, seal proof, dishwasher safe, fit standard cup holders, and are super convenient. It’s ever been easier to BYO reusable cup. Not too big, not too small, the 12 oz is just right for juuuust about everything. Take it with you everywhere, and you’ll always be ready for a spontaneous hot cup of coffee or an iced cold beverage. The 12 oz cup does not include a reusable straw, but their 16 oz and 24 oz cups do! They also come in a variety of colors, and are BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. 


Wipes ($11.49, for 30 wipes) – SHOP NOW 

Throughout the pandemic we have discovered products that help keep everything clean, especially at home. iCloth have cleaning wipes for all sorts of gadgets and devices. They offer a cleaning wipe that is perfect to clean your eyeglasses, sunglasses, smartphone, tablet, and other electronic gadgets. The wipes are 3.5 in x 5 in. They have optimal moisture level to safely and efficiently clean all of your personal and sensitive items at home and for when you are on-the-go. Wipes do not contain any ethyl alcohol or ammonia. 


Probiotic Detox ($23.97) – SHOP NOW 

Now that Spring is here, it is a great time to boost your gut health. GioBiotix offers a high potency, vegan probiotic formula which delivers 50 billion CFU’s of healthy gut bacteria. Engineered with the highest quality ingredients, under strict, pharmaceutical-grade guidelines. Get relief FAST by improving your GI health and restoring balance to your digestive system with their widely-popular Detox Probiotic. It is vegan, non-GMO, contains no refined sugars, and is gluten free. 

Reverse Karma

Meditation Incense Sticks ($4.44) – SHOP NOW 

Bring a little calm into your routine. Light up these meditation incense by Reverse Karma to relax and unwind, spark some inspiration or just chill. Whatever your vibe is, they have a scent for you! These incenses are hand dipped and have up to one hour of burn time. The scent last up to three hours and there are seven incenses per package: Accept: Jasmine; See: Lavender; Speak: Watermelon; Love: Gardenia; Do: Lemongrass; Feel: Harmony; and Be: Cherry.

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