GANT is the future of American sportswear that began in a very American way: through the enterprise, hard work, and dedication of Ukrainian-American immigrant, Berl Gantmacher, and his two sons. The family business, GANT, was born in April 1949 with the first of their perfectly tailored eponymous shirts. Of course, the family changed their surname to GANT, to match their burgeoning and quickly scaling business.

Currently, GANT offers a variety of apparel options. From 1949 through the late 1960s, GANT carefully studied and produced what was trendy—the preppy, Ivy League. Based in New Haven, Connecticut at the time, Berl Gantmacher’s two sons carefully studied the fashion trends of nearby Yale University students. The result? Bespoke-looking, elegant brogues, loafers, sport jackets, khaki pants, ties, and suits without shoulder pads. GANT was the hallmark of casual sophistication. The button-down shirts popular at Ivy League universities were soon made even more popular and worn by the masses thanks to GANT. By 1971, GANT also produced its first collection of American sportswear, expanding its offerings to trousers and rugby shirts.

Post-World War II, American soldiers returning home also brought home new sensibilities that encompassed changing tastes in fashion. The onset of television, radio, and print magazines made it easier for new fashions and lifestyles to be promoted en masse, and one of the biggest consequences was the adoption of a more sporty look. While middle-class men still wore GANT polos and button-downs, they also started to wear more casual and comfortable clothing that was suitable for urban, on-the-go lifestyles.

Now, GANT offers clothing not only for men, but women, children and teenagers, as well as home decoration. Clothing and accessories for both genders range from hoodies and sweatshirts to coats and hats, wallets, scarves, and gloves. Home decorations range from towels, dressing gowns,and bathroom rugs to duvets, pillow cases, and bedsheets. Much of the collection is inspired by the energy, creativity, and can-do spirit of New York City. It’s a nod to GANT’s rich American roots.

Along with acknowledging its diehard American heritage, GANT also acknowledges fashion’s impact on the environment and has committed to sustainability. When you buy GANT, you’re supporting ethical and environmentally-friendly fashion. GANT is a bio-based fashion house that prides itself on being source traceable and utilizing plant-based materials. GANT has led the way for American fashion since 1949 by changing with the times, and only continues to be ahead of the times.

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