Back and forth from Brazil to Los Angeles has been the nomadic lifestyle of DJ and producer Germano Kuerten aka Mano.

The Brazilian native started playing shows with his long time friend, Saeed Younan.  They began to showcase their talent to venues such as Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the BPM Festival, Doc Brown and Tara Brooks to better promote their brand of house music.  They receive good reviews and their music was well received.  This was all the fuel Mano needed to carve his own brand. He soon returned to Brazil to redefine his music.

After spending extensive time in Brazil, Mano began to hone and perfect his skills.  As a producer, his music is an inspiration of the tune of the earth’s organic sound.  He cleverly fuse his music with sounds that are all around us, but seldom heard by the masses.  Having a DJ background, Mano has a keen understanding of what the audience wants in terms of music.  The combination of DJ and producer gives him a great advantage on how to mesh his music philosophy with the sounds that the audience likes.  Brilliant.

Mano soon formed an independent record label called MoonSol Music once he return to Los Angeles.  It represents the haven for his signature house music sound.

The label  released  its first project, Back to Brazil EP.  The first single, “Flight 134”, is a musical masterpiece.  Its organic sound fuses the traditional sound of house music with the modern blend of instruments.

The EP quickly reach #1 on the Top 100 House Release and #8 in the overall Beatport Top 100 Releases.

Mano is off to an amazing start. His humbling demeanor is sure to keep him grounded.  Success is sure to follow.