Haleigh Burckley is an actress, model and writer, native to Colorado. Starting at eight years old, Haleigh fell in love with acting and had a deep passion for invoking emotion in others. Breaking into the performance community, theatre sustained her appetite for challenging roles throughout her time as a student, and soon introduced the world of modeling. As soon as the connection was made between her and the camera, there was nothing that peaked her interest more. After leaving school, Haleigh began working as a film actress and started to exercise her skills in writing. She credits her family and close friends for keeping her motivated and pushing for a better future, as well as her glorious home state. The peace and tranquility of nature in the Rocky Mountains keeps Haleigh active and helps to find solace through tough times. She tries to find the balance in every situation and hopes to inspire the acknowledgment of inner beauty by promoting a strong message of self-love. She believes in doing everything with grace and style.


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Photographer: Jonny Edward

Hair Stylist: Dave Fonseca