The latest contender in the travel industry has arrived – HotelTonight.

Innovative in its approach, HotelTonight is the easiest way to book a hotel on the go. It’s an app that allows users to reserve last-minute hotel rooms at discounted prices all over the world. HotelTonight’s easy-to-use interface can create a list of low-price hotels in under ten seconds.

HotelTonight’s “belief in a life less planned” is a clutch resource for adventurous travelers or for those who’s sleeping accommodation suddenly become derailed. Launched in 2010, this hotel-booking app provides last minute hotel deals on the hotel’s vacant rooms. On same day reservations, discounts can rise up to fifty percent after 12 p.m. Hotel prices can drop even lower after 6 p.m.

HotelTonight offers same day hotel reservations, however bookings can only be made a maximum of a week in advance. It’s somewhat like playing Russian roulette with the vacant rooms. You can choose to reserve a room immediately. Or, you can gamble and watch the prices drop. Similar to gambling where you can miss out on an opportunity, the rooms available on HotelTonight can sometimes disappear.

With a variety of top-rated hotels (no less than two stars), HotelTonight has hand picked the best hotel options in town. In addition to booking reservations, the hotel-booking app categorizes each room based on price and quality. HotelTonight describes the vacancies as Luxe, Hip, Charming, or Basic, among others. Also, HotelTonight allows you to check if a hotel includes amenities such as, parking, complimentary breakfast, and Wi-Fi.

Since being introduced a few years ago, creating a first-class user experience has been a top priority for the company. Relying on consumer feedback and advancements in technology, HotelTonight has continuously adapted to the needs and desires of its app users. The latest additions include:

This feature creates a list of available hotel rooms from a range of cities that are close by and that reveal low upcoming prices. For example, if you live in NYC HT Escape will show vacant hotel rooms in surrounding areas such as Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and the Hamptons. HT Escape is great for a spontaneous get-a-way for the weekend, or for the night.

This feature provides additional savings on already reduced priced hotel rooms. These extra savings are only available after 12 p.m., with even more savings after 6 p.m. Also, GeoRates are revealed when you’re near a hotel or in a area hotels want get more reservations from (ie. Airports, train stations, or cities outside the hotels location).

Aces is an in-app concierge service that provides 24/7 customer support. It’s a chat feature that allows app users to connect with real, live people. You can get information on everything from local recommendations to suggestions on rooms.

Also, Aces can be used once you’re in your hotel room. You can request your wake up call, an extra toothbrush, room service, and tons more. You never have to pick up the hotel room phone again.

This feature allows you to keep track of all your favorite hotels in one place.

Popular among app users with a 4.3 out 5 star rating and with 5 million downloads and counting, HotelTonight is a definite game changer in the travel industry.

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