Whether you’re maintaining that sizzling summer body you’ve already worked so hard for, or you’re trying to polish off that last bit of winter fluff for this weekend’s pool party, these cool tips will keep you looking hot until sweater season comes back around.

It’s a no brainier but water is the most vital nutrient. In fact, chronically low hydration levels can lead to wrinkles, weight gain, decreased sleep quality and even B.O. Definitely not a winning combo when you’re trying to pick up that hottie by the pool.  While we do get some hydration from foods like fruits, nothing beats the heat more than a cool, refreshing glass of water. Here’s the simplest way to figure out if you’re getting enough. Basically, you should drink at least two-thirds of your body weight in ounces of water. A 200 lb. male would need 132oz of water; A 120 lb. female would require 80oz of water daily for proper hydration. That’s ten cups, not the universally recommended eight.

As Bruce Lee once said, and I paraphrase, “You must be like [two-thirds your body weight in] water”.

Ok, so now you have your half gallon jug of H20 and you’re on your way out the door. Wait! What are you missing? If you thought sunscreen, then you’re right. Despite the Sun being the main source of energy in our little solar system, it’s also the main source of nonmelanoma skin cancer, affecting more than 1.25 million Americans every year. Besides that, exposure to ultra violet (UV) light  ages your skin and lowers your immune system. Both UVA and UVB rays can be protected against with SPF based lotions and brightly colored clothing. Keep in mind that UVA rays penetrates glass and is the type that causes cancer, while UVB causes sunburns but does not pass through glass. Also, exposure of they types of rays can cause cataracts in the eyes, so grab those Raybans! These tips will keep you looking, and feeling, youthful for Summers to come.

After a long day of beach bumming and poolside tanning, you must be exhausted, phew! But before you tuck yourself in, be sure to grab a small glass of water, 8-12oz for men and 6oz for ladies. We tend to become dehydrated throughout the night because of temperature and humidity. A bit of water before we count the sheep can help improve sleep quality and energy levels upon waking. The catch-22 is that if you have kidney, heart, or bladder issues, this may actually disrupt your sleep. In any case, it’s always safe to use the bathroom right before bed. If you’re in good health, sipping before you sleep, can replace water lost throughout your busy day.

Stay hydrated and protect your skin! Summer comes and goes, but these tips should apply year-round. Stay cool and have fun!

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