I am II-Kaya Ises born and raised in Trinidad but my roots are firmly planted in Alkebulan ( Africa). My journey as a professional model began late 2012 here in the US. During my early years here in America I was first pursuing to be an actress but due to drastic changes in my life I broke momentum and I never returned. 
I’ve always had a special desire towards being on stages or in front of a camera and amongst people since I was a toddler. To bring love, joy and, compassion to the world. To inspire, uplift and motivate. The stages I seek to be on was to reach people through my purpose and this became clearer as I grew up. 
I am a Rastafarian this is my spiritual journey. I serve Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen as omnipotent. I am a symbol of more life, royalty, naturalness ( the reason for my crown of locs) strength and one love, to name a few.  
To be a Rasta and a model is looked upon as taboo. It requires much courage to trod these realms in the Rastafari livity, to the extreme of becoming a Congo Rasta and showing it to the world; saying, “Yes! I am here and I am beautiful! Take it or leave it!” 
Although I do works in an industry many would call “Babylonian”, I strive to be an exception to the standard by staying true to my faith and never compromising my values; honoring my Alkebulan ancestors and seeking out new and creative ways to uplift and inspire the world while showcasing my natural beauty. 
I represented my country and Rastafari as Miss Caricom Queen 2015.  This experience caused me to dig deep within and rise. It helped me to become a voice. As much as I despise pageantry I have never been more proud to wear a crown on top of my bestowed crown being the first Rasta to participated and win as I am. 
I have done a lot of work over the years in the modeling industry from, runways to music videos and more importantly being an advocate for local businesses. I have not done a fraction of what I truly desire to do but I am truly grateful for all the experiences thus far. 
One of my main purpose for modeling has always been to see more of myself in the world, on T.V, billboards, magazines, you know?  I have grown up believing that you have to have silky hair, blue eyes and a lack of melanin to be in a Magazine or to star in a movie. You have to have a certain standard, you have to compromise. It was difficult to see my reflection in the world while growing up and even now. I know that by being my true self and protecting Rastafari sovereignty I can give life more meaning for the ones that don’t see themselves in the world.
Everyone needs a hero. I am not trying to be any one’s hero, honestly. I am trying to be my own hero. Maybe this can inspire. 
I would never stop modeling even when old and grey. I want you to see me. It’s a special kind of art. I want you to see strength to feel it. I want you to be strengthened. I couldn’t find this. Thank you for reading. 


Feature – Photographer: Hank Pegeron / Loc Jewelry: Tiffany’s Loc Jewels