Iliana Alvarez was born in Phoenix Arizona back in 1991. She moved to Mexico with her family at age five where she attended her firsts years of school.

During her first year of Junior High, she convinced her Mom to allow her to come back to the place she was born to live with friends and family. Initially, mom wasn’t okay with the idea of me being so young and practically being on my own in a different country as I was “only a child.” she said. In my argument, the move was the best thing for me and my future. So eventually she agreed, and Iliana Alvarez was living in Arizona.

“There were quite a few bumps on the road. I hung out with the wrong people. Dated a few losers. Got in trouble more times than I’d like to admit. I trusted people whom should have never been trusted, and in return, I was taken advantage of, a few times. But it was all a learning experience. I made it through the tough times and continued moving forward as best as I could,” says Iliana.

She put herself through college and managed to graduate at an early age with a Bachelors degree from ASU. Education has always been a top priority.

“Life has been an interesting journey. I’ve met some really amazing people. I’ve traveled more than I would ever begin to imagine being able to and I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and from the people I’ve met. Best of all, I have built some great friendships along the way,” Iliana.

Now the plan is to continue learning, continue traveling, and continue creating. She chose to live near LA with hopes to embark in a career in the areas of Branding, Design, and Modeling.




Photographer: Michael Luna
MUAH, Stylist,